Can I search for multiple suburbs?

At Homely, we were proudly first to introduce the ‘Search this area’ and draw search map functionalities. These are two innovative ways to search for properties across multiple suburbs.

Instead of having to type in many suburbs over and over again, you can search using two different tools on the map.

  1. Search this area – Zoom out of the map to the area you wish to search within, and click the ‘Search this area’ button. You’ll notice pins drop onto the map where properties are listed within that mapped area across many suburbs. As you go through the results, the pins on the map will move to match the listings displayed in the search results – all within the area you have searched.

  2. Draw search – This option allows you to circle the region in which you want to search, however big or small. Search in a specific block, suburb or large area with multiple neighbouring suburbs. 

To toggle on the draw map functionality, click the pencil icon on the map and circle where you would like to search for property. When you’d like to search somewhere else, click the ‘x’ button, and it will clear the search.

At this stage, we don’t have the functionality to type in multiple suburbs individually into the search bar. However, we are looking at adding this to our options in the future.