There’s a negative review on a street I’m trying to sell/rent a property on, can I get it removed?

At Homely, we pride ourselves on collating honest, balanced and insightful local Street and Suburb Reviews and discussions from all over Australia. For this reason, we’re open to individuals sharing both the good and bad things about where they live so that Homely house hunters can make an informed choice about their next move. We believe that everyone has a right to express their own opinions, so long as it doesn’t conflict with our reviewer guidelines (i.e. we have a zero-tolerance policy on explicit language and hate speech).

If there is a negative review you believe is inaccurate the best thing we recommend you do is to write your own review explaining why you disagree with the previous viewpoint and how you feel the area is different to that and why it deserves a better wrap.

We do our very best to moderate and remove hateful and inappropriate comments in our Suburb Reviews but sometimes some slip through. If a Street or Suburb Review includes explicit language or hate speech, you can report it to the Homely Customer Support team by hitting ‘Report’ at the bottom right of the review.