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We are originally from Perth and have been living in Melbourne for years. For family reasons we are moving back to WA. We have two kids one with bad exzcema so would like to live near the beach. It seems the only place with affordable housing is Albany or Bunbury. We would like to buy in the next two years. My partner works in disability and I work in Administration having experience in Construction and Industry. Part time I also restore furniture to sell. What I want to know is are we likely to get decent paying jobs ie: $45.000 + in Albany. Family members are telling us not to bother as there are no jobs there and they give them to locals anyway.
Need local views please ???? Albany vs Bunbury
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Lea Clarke Aug 24, 2017
Hi Dan
I agree with most of the above but i moved here from Perth and the UK before this and i feel that people here are very generous and are willing to employ people who want to work and the pay scale is not bad if you are a good at what you do. Housing is affordable and it is an awesome place to bring up kids and to spend more time with family and not in the car.
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nowotny 2yrs+

Sorry for the late reply. I work for a construction company and I can tell you that thing s are a bit flat over here right now, right accross the state. So employment is a little slow. Albany has less than half the population of Bunbury so it would be worth while trying to line something up prior to coming to town.

In my opinion Albany is a much nicer place to live and really good for kids. If you like I can have a look on your behalf or perhaps you could contact the Albany Chamber of Commerce. A lot of businesses in town are members and the Manager, Graham Harvey seems to have a handle on most comings and goings.

The number for the Chamber is 9842 2577.

Also, as far as disability services there seems to be alot happening and a number of enthusiastic organisations in town. Great Southern Personnel is a company that find jobs for people with disabilities. Whilst they won't be able to help you they may know of places that are hiring. Try contacting Robert Cridge he has worked there for some years and he is a very nice guy -

Good luck with the move!
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