Is Knightsbridge Av, Altona Meadows a good street to live in?

Looking at buying in Altona Meadows
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happyh Feb 01, 2019
Although I have not lived on this street, my husband and I did look at a lot of properties before we bought so I can share what we discovered (which is that Altona Meadows definitely has its pockets).

That back area (including Knightsbridge) has somewhat less cared for properties and overall feels slightly less safe (smelt the marijuana wafting one night on a walk). There are nicer properties in the newer back section (heading towards skeleton creek) and this pocket has more street appeal as cables are underground. Yet in either case, you are further from all the desirable amenities.

We eventually decided on a court location close to Central Square shopping centre and south of Central ave. It is a quick exit via Point Cook Road and Newland St (no wasting time dealing with traffic and roundabouts on Merton St) and we can also easily walk to Laverton Station via bridge over freeway if we want. Because we are near parks, shops etc, there are enough people around to feel safe and some courts are quite cute and pretty, not to mention the safety aspect. Also nice to have a short stroll to La Porchetta for dinner.

Streets on the Laverton side of Central Ave/ Queen St are less desirable as are those on main thoroughfares of Merton and Victoria Streets.

Good luck!
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