Arunta Crescent, Clarinda, VIC 3169

2.6(1 review)

Great for

  • Eating out
  • Public transport
  • Shopping options
  • Cost of living
  • Gym and fitness

Not great for

  • Clean & green
  • Nightlife
  • Neighbourly spirit
  • Parks and recreation
  • Peace and quiet

Who lives here?

  • Hipsters

Reviews of Arunta Crescent, Clarinda

"Clarinda - a low socio-economic area dream!"

It's funny what happens when you move only 5mins down the road from Oakleigh Sth to Clayton. There is a 'no alcohol 24hrs' sign at the beginning of Ghetto Crescent for starters, and a hobo tried to jump into my car the other day. No way would I walk around at night. No one knows how to park, there is no space to park, and hardly anyone has any house pride/ does their lawns. Welcome to the everyday joys of Arunta Crescent.

Who lives here?

  • Hipsters
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