Baird Avenue, Holden Hill, SA 5088

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Reviews of Baird Avenue, Holden Hill

"I wish I didn’t rent here , AVOID!"

Wow , have been renting a new villa here for a year and this month have had a house full of obnoxious and gross neighbours move into the old house next door.
When I walk my children to the park I have to walk past these women who look like they have an ice addiction. They are gross to look at.
Screaming late a night , slamming doors and sitting on their front porch yelling and playing music to the early hours.
My children are kept up late at night and I am losing sleep.
They have no class, which is a shame because all the new dwellings and a playground with a BBQ has made this street slowly get better.
As soon as my lease is up, I am moving.

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"Share houses full of trashy locals"

Started Renting here and while the street seems quite nice with some new builds , there are three rundown houses full of what could only be classed as ‘group renting, rubbish hording , loud and obnoxious individuals’.
I’m lucky because I live alone and spend a good amount of my evenings having dinner with friends elsewhere , but when I get home late i can year these people still yelling, beeping their car horns and playing music to the early hours.
Do any of them even have a job?
I’d say avoid this street if you plan on raising a family/want a goodnights sleep or enjoy respectful , non ignorant neighbours.

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"Horrible people reside here"

To sum this street up with a suggestion I would say AVOID.
Run down asbestos houses to which this street has a few of are privately rented to some of the most horrible and ignorantly trashy and loud people one could imagine.
Low cost rented out slums to criminals,crackheads and wife bashers, by people in better neighbourhoods who wouldn't want these shitty scumbags living next door to them, but it's okay next door to someone else?
One falling apart crack house roughly halfway up the park side of Baird Ave takes the cake with a family whose hours at night involve screaming, loud music, banging and revving of cars and honking horns.
One would think they are selling or consuming meth?
I for one pity the elderly people who have to deal with this menace and am angry that living 2km from a major police station doesn't help as SAPOL have shown they don't care about those who live in the same suburb.
This street should be bulldozed with some of the fat white trashy who rent here.
I am lucky I moved to a better area and still angry as a homeowner, I was forced to move due to a horrible element who don't deserve a roof over their heads.

Great for

  • Cheap

Not great for

  • The fat trash at 8 Baird Ave
  • Asbestos housing

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