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"Undiscovered Paradise"

Mount White is essentially divided into two areas.

The top of the hill, which is mainly cleared grazing properties....and the bottom of the hill, which contains Wendoree Park in one direction, and via a private road, the only 40 acre creek frontage blocks this side of the Hawkesbury River.
Any other blocks in the area are either boat-access only, or a further 90 minute drive to get to the opposite side of the river. This makes the Wendoree/Mangrove Creek area of Mount White unique.

Perhaps the best feature is the true proximity to Sydney.
While the traffic jams its way north and back every weekend in three or more hour drives to and from Forster etc, the residents of Wendoree/Mangrove Creek are home from the CBD in an hour...and have a choice of the F3, or the Old Pacific Highway to travel on.

Waterfronts are the prime properties along here, and offer the usual benefits of the Hawkesbury River. Plus, in a few ultra-unique places, there is magnificent unspoiled bush, wildlife and extreme peace and quiet in hidden valleys. If you can find such a property for sale (and they only come up rarely) then you have secured a piece of paradise that offers everything, and is within easy reach of the city.

Over all, many parts of Mount White are extraordinary places, but for some reason, almost completely undiscovered and, in my opinion, undervalued. There are rural properties on the top of the hill with sweeping views over the Hawkesbury, a little community and small block waterfronts in Wendoree Park and other totally secluded valley acreages with huge frontages along the creeks.

It is not like any conventional suburb, so I can't comment on much else. (Clearly there are few lawnmowers whirring away and even fewer dogs barking!) The main drawback is the lack of any shops (bar one tiny one at the top of the hill)...but there is a well equipped shop at Spencer (a few minutes boat ride away)...and of course, various degrees of shopping at Brooklyn, Gosford and Berowra.

My recommendations would be aimed mostly at potential retirees or couples wanting a dual country/city lifestyle. For the retirees, instead of moving north and being out of reach of your family, consider a riverfront lifestyle here. For couples, I don't think it is the place to raise children, but lots of people do! (and there are lifestyle advantages that weigh against the disadvantages)..
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