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Ranked 1st best suburb in New South Wales

"A Blue Chip piece of paradise"

- dant1
A wonderful place to live. Have rented here for 5 years and just recently bought a house. Demographic is mostly young families, professionals and retirees. Recently we have a new shopping centre wi...
-28.3029669520751 153.568380256065
Ranked 2nd best suburb in New South Wales

"Nice suburb"

- Raman Chandra
Hidden Gem of the west. Good connectivity, good quiet area and well connected
-33.8204000656037 150.969682861639
Ranked 3rd best suburb in New South Wales
-28.2117732472284 153.492689910835
Ranked 4th best suburb in New South Wales

"Wide Streets! Great access to amenities! Centrally located"

- Adriana Verdino
With wide streets and large blocks of land, Concord West is the next best option after Concord for location. With an abundance of social and recreational activities to do this is what makes Concord...
-33.836443 151.090836
Ranked 5th best suburb in New South Wales

"Great seaside village"

- David Yin
Fantastic “village” like seaside suburb. Beautiful beaches and world’s famous caves and only an hour north of Sydney. Great for families and couples and prices still reasonable cheap vs other Sydney s...
-33.1132339231024 151.643452275197


Ranked 6th best suburb in New South Wales

"Seriously underrated in comparison to Burwood, Strathfield o..."

- quantumlord
I don't know why liveability indices wish to disparage it so much - possibly some bad experience, because living here is top notch for a family seeking decent costs in the inner west, it's greater tha...
-33.879703459409 151.117478632015

Tura Beach

Ranked 7th best suburb in New South Wales

"Tura Beach is a gem"

- David Dwyer
Tura Beach is one of the gems of the Sapphire Coast. Located about 3km north of Merimbula and a short drive from Tathra, Bega and Pambula, it is positioned to enjoy a variety of beaches and shopping c...
-36.8531034557662 149.939524274735


Ranked 8th best suburb in New South Wales

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- Joan Morgadella Ortega
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-28.2626709564449 153.552891715559
Ranked 9th best suburb in New South Wales

"Coastal lifestyle, city convenience"

- michael-matral
We had heard about Berkeley Vale, or as we call it "Berky V" from friends and family living nearby but it wasn't until we bought here tIhat we realised what a gem this place is. Its all about proximit...
-33.3467373726276 151.439291425745

Hyland Park

Ranked 10th best suburb in New South Wales

"Just moved here and love it"

- dougy
recently moved here and feel so welcome never have felt like this in a place before the neighbour hood spirit is awesome and i cant believe how nice the climate is and the beach is like just a walk do...
-30.613204264745 153.000509970773

The Hill

Ranked 11th best suburb in New South Wales

"Close to everything, yet away from the hustle and bustle"

- hillarym1
We are renting and love it here so much, we are hoping to buy in this tightly-held suburb. The local school is meant to be excellent, so we want to be on this side of Darby Street to be in Zone when o...
-32.9336513044133 151.779244623229

Emu Heights

Ranked 12th best suburb in New South Wales

"A Quiet family friendly neighborhood."

- raej2
Situated at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Emu Heights is a neighborhood which is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet easy to access when needed. The school is nestled in par...
-33.7374374324973 150.647828515717


Ranked 13th best suburb in New South Wales

"A Great Place To Live"

- KeiranRobson
Raising a family with two young children meant finding a home in a central, family friendly neighbourhood was essential. Here, we are surrounded by other families, which creates a great environment f...
-33.0118455500025 151.642512373361


Ranked 14th best suburb in New South Wales

"Nice quiet neighbourhood"

- Cheryl Mary
A nice quiet pocket of sydney that has been spared from the high rise overdevelopment that is taking place in other parts of the Shire Its elevated position means that part of the suburb enjoys sweep...
-34.0155344498671 151.040574579487

New Lambton

Ranked 15th best suburb in New South Wales

"Great leafy central location with good school, shops and pub..."

- jims20
New Lambton is the perfect village, very close to all facilities and infrastructure without being too close. Easy access to shops, schools, public transport (train and buses), parks, cafes, restaurant...
-32.9275439642107 151.705213707705


Ranked 16th best suburb in New South Wales

"The best of Lisarow - look no further!"

- JayFountain
We'll I must say after recently moving into Perratt Close in Lisarow, my recommendation to everyone looking to buy is "look no further". We are the happiest we've been in a long time - this street tic...
-33.3893247989737 151.381370518837


Ranked 17th best suburb in New South Wales

"Fantastic hidden Gem"

- Bella Bee
Having lived in Potty for 3 years I can safely say its heaven on earth. Surrounded by beautiful nature (particuarly in Koala beach) never more than a 3 minute drive from the beach and a community that...
-28.40238 153.56097


Ranked 18th best suburb in New South Wales

"Just moved here and couldn't be happier"

- jancis-robertson
We moved last year to the area after staying in Leichardt for 12 years. Concord is a wonderful suburb with more space. Properties are situated on larger blocks and the streets are wide and spacious....
-33.85714 151.10408


Ranked 19th best suburb in New South Wales

"Leafy & peaceful"

- Marko Radojcic
Blakehurst is its own private sanctuary...leafy suburb with magnificent water views in some streets. Local schools are fantastic & it is a great area to raise a young family!
-33.9957903079656 151.110652466138
Ranked 20th best suburb in New South Wales

"Up and coming suburb"

- ashp14
Faulconbridge is a wonderful place to live. The whole neighbourhood has a real sense of community spirit and everyone is so friendly. The schools are great also. It’s near public transport, a short 5...
-33.6954819680174 150.535626865837
-33.3803344213307 150.494680340715 5