How would you rate the local high schools?

We are looking to move to a regional area like Bellingen in 4 years when our daughter finishes her primary education at a Montessori school in Sydney. Based on what I've researched the only public high school in the area is Bellingen high School. We note the Steiner school only takes in students up to year 8. I've got 2 questions:
1. Where do the Steiner students go when they complete year 8?
2. How would people rate Bellingen high? ( is it too large?, are their high incidence of drugs or bullying, teacher commitment etc)

Any experience you can share would be greatly appreciated!

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HannahGalea 2yrs+
Hi Jo
I have been living in Bellingen for the past 7 years and actually went to high school at the local Bellingen high school. Whilst I did not go to the Steiner school, I do hear extremely good reports about it, and generally after year 8, the Steiner school students come to Bellingen high school, with some going to various schools in Coffs Harbour. However, when I was in school the students generally came to the local high school. In regards to Bellingen high school, I had a pretty positive experience. The school is not too large - about 600 students, which I did not find to be an overwhelming amount of students, and I knew and was friends with everyone in my year at school. In regards to drug use, I would say there is a small amount (which I suppose is almost unavoidable in high school) however I was never pressured into any drugs at all and I don't think students ever considered drug use to be 'cool' or even 'acceptable' at the school. In regards to bullying, Bellingen high school is actually amazing. I was never bullied at high school, and in rare cases where I noticed that bullying may have occurred, teachers and principals dealt with it immediately. I would say that bullying is really shunned upon in the school not only by Teachers but mostly by students. The zero tolerance police to bullying works at the school. I found teacher commitment to be good as well - I had great teachers who I am often still in contact with even after I have graduated form the school 2 years ago. My teachers were generally really positive teachers and role models who were passionate about the subjects they taught. I think the most positive aspect of Bellingen high school is the subjects outside the core subjects (English, math, science, etc.) such as arts, music, choir, woodwork, metal work, textiles and design, child studies, etc. These creative subjects is what Bellingen high school is most notorious for (without leaving out the important core subjects). Students are encouraged to participate in creative subjects and students have a lot of fun and success in doing so, with a lot of student going into creative fields/study after graduating year 12. All in all I would (and often do) recommend Bellingen high school to people who are deciding what school to send their children to. Hope this all helps!
Hannah :)
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dazh1 Feb 25, 2020
We moving to Bello - our boys are 13 & 11 & I don’t mind saying I am scared for them.
Moving away from family &their school & mates.
This is from a dad that cried when they first stared school.
However it is a chance to get out of an apartment into a house with their own room & space.
Can anyone tell me about the school, how best to make mates anything that will help with this transition for my family.
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