Bishop Court, Lawnton, QLD 4501

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Great for

  • Childcare
  • Cost of living
  • Internet access
  • Medical facilities
  • Parks and recreation

Not great for

  • Gym and fitness
  • Lack of traffic
  • Neighbourly spirit
  • Nightlife
  • Parking

Reviews of Bishop Court, Lawnton

"Lawnton. Too far from the city. Not a place that I would consider staying in."

Noisy. Seems quiet when you first have a look, however, teenagers roar up and down the street (from one house in particular.) Neighbours drink alot. One house in the street is definitely trouble. The couple living there are older (late 40's early 50's maybe?) They have two teenage daughters (no trouble from the girls) & a young son (5-7 maybe).

I have lived in the street for a bit under two years & will not be renewing my lease. These people seen to have alot of young early 20's friends that they drink with every weekend. I have had circulator to do with them as they are vulgar, loud bullies. I've seen them fight with just abont anyone who moves in the street.

Last night was no exception. A youngish couple moved in across the road from the a few months ago. I've got no idea what happened but I was woken up road screaming march in the middle of the street. The Hogans (around 10 of them) had started a fight with the couple. I knowthey would have started it because they always do. I am sick to death of the fights, the noise and the vile language. The woman seems to be a real feral. My lease is up in two months and there is no way I'll be staying. Be vary wary if you move into this street. My advise would be to avoid the couple with the big white Ute. You'll see them sitting in the carport. You can't miss them.

Great for

  • Newish street
  • Some nice people
  • Cheapish rent

Not great for

  • One loud, obnoxious, rude house
  • Teenagers working on their cars all hours the night

Considering moving in house on Bishop. Which house number is trouble pls?

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