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25th May 2022

"Unique Coastal Acreage - A Jewell In Hervey Bay's Crown"

We could not help but fall in love with this beautiful area. Coastal acreage at its absolute finest. Amazing bird life, kangaroos roaming free and the perfect climate all year round.

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"Hervey Bay's best kept secret."

A nice suburb of hervey Bay some blocks have views of Fraser Island.
Town water is available to some blocks not all
Internet speed is great curently on ADSL2 of course it depends how far you are away from the exchange.
Not many vacant blocks any more some of the one's being built on now have huge house's getting built.
The education department owns a 20 acre block in Maddever Rd for a future school.
The house prices have been steady and some have gone up .
For a investment it is a good place for future gain's.

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I too like the Booral area and am looking at possibly moving to the area in the near future, one thing that I have heard from a number of people including real estate agents is that the Booral/River Heads area has a problem with sandflies/midgies. How bad are they? As both areas are close to mangrove areas you would expect some sandflies but is it really as bad as they say? Would really appreciate your local knowledge.


I have been investigating into this area and find out the following:

1. There will be no future school on Maddever Road for many many years to come, maybe never as indicated by the department staff in Nov 2010
2. There're definitely issues with midgies in the area
3. Vast part of Booral is still tree-studded and is within green layer of Hervey Bay meaning tree clearing could be an issue if required
4. Airport noise pollution affects most of Booral
5. The area is heavily industrial


As the Education department reveiws each year dont mean that the school wont be build for many many years to come it could happen at any time... it is a block of land set aside for a future school.

Midgie's effect every part of Hervey Bay even in the town part but the higher up you go the less chance of you having them ... i my self are at Booral and at 56 mtrs above sea level and dont get bitten...

As for the Green layer i have a 10 acre block and is a White Zone and can clear what i want on my block but yes the green zone does effect alot of blocks not only here but also most of Hervey Bay.

The airport noise effects most of Hervey Bay as the planes come in to land or take off you just have to park in the town and you will hear it. But it is the same in the bigger city's.

How can you claim it is heavy industrial ? and also say it is a Green Layer ? the industrial land is all down by the Airport and not near residental area.

I would still rather live here on 10 acres with views to Fraser Island then in a shoe box on the Gold Coast and get bitten by midgies and yes the Gold Coast does have them i should know i have lived there before.


Nothing personal here yabba. I was thinking of buying into the area myself as it is a lovely part of Hervey Bay, especially when you have view to Fraser Island.
However, i was a bit disappointed after making thorough enquiries into the area.

Booral is the home of Hervey Bay Airport hence it would accommodate industrial warehouses, distribution centres, airport facilities, etc. I have found many vacant large parcels of land are now being sub-divided to make room for industrial complexes within the close proximity of the airport.
Many existing industrial premises are located along Booral Road and River Heads Road.

It's a bit of Catch 22 for Booral. It should be a Green Layer (as the Council advised) due to coastline protection. However being so close to the main airport, it can't avoid to be an industrial hub for transport, storage, airport services and other related industrial needs.

I hope Fraser Coast Regional Council can find a good balance for the area.

View Fraser Island is definitely compensatory.


I hear ya livewell,
There are parts of Booral that are included in the Airport Industrial hub and parts that need protection along the coastline... But as for the having industrial premises along Riverheads Rd i havent seen any buildings ? and as far as i know nothing has been approved along that Rd.
On the corner of Riverheads Rd and Booral Rd a service station was approved there a few years ago but never got of the ground.
I think the intention of the current council is to have as much green zones in hervey bay as they can which will come back and bit them as they are buying up land themselfes and cannot afford to look after these zones without slugging the rate payers.

But for anyone that is looking for land that is in a first home owner situation it is a great place to start at . most of East Booral is smaller blocks ranging from 1,000 sq mtrs up to 1 acre blocks.

The island views are definitly compensatory :)


I have recently moved down to Booral from Townsville, as for noise from the airport, you rarely hear any planes. In Townsville you have a very busy airport including the RAAF so that was extremely noisy. There is very few midgies and if you live high enough there shouldn't be any. The area is fantastic, it's quiet, the people are friendly and the climate is great. The shops and schools aren't that far away but far enough away to keep the area quiet. There is no industry near any of the residential areas and the views across The Great Sandy Straits to Fraser Island are magnificent. I just hope the area stays off peoples radar and doesn't get spoilt with development.


I also spent 3 years in Hervey Bay. Very nice place with so much available so close. primary schools, hospitals - Public and Private. Never had a problem with Midgies. If anyone is looking for 1 to 4 acre blocks in Booral please contact me. Brand new development opening up shortly. Great opportunity to get in quick for the bigger blocks of land. These blocks will go quick once advertised.

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