Moving from NSW to QLD - HELP!!!

Hello! I am a born QLDer and proudly wear my maroons jersey every June ;) However, my family moved to NSW when I was 5 years old. I am now married with two young children of my own. My family have all moved away and now my husband, boys and I are feeling like Sydney is no longer home. We feel like QLD would be the perfect place to settle down and raise our family, especially since we both have extended family in QLD. Here are the things we're grappling with:
1. My 3 year old son has Autism and we would like to be close to therapists (Occupational Therapists, Speech and Behavioural Therapists) if possible.
2. My husband is in the final term of his Primary teaching degree. We don't know what schools would be good for him to work at, but his preference would be private as he's done extremely well with his pracs at private schools.
3. We don't know QLD very well at all! My husbands' dream is to live somewhere with a view, near a beach, etc.
4. I would like to be close-is to my family, who live in and around Strathpine and Bridgeman Downs.
5. Ideally, I would like land for my boys to run around. We currently live on 800sq meters and my husband would love to increase that land size.

Are we asking for too much? Please help! We're heading up to QLD in December to get more of a feel for the place but there's just nothing like the knowledge people who live there can offer!
Worth noting: we plan on renting for the first 6-12 months, or until we find somewhere we love and can call home.

I would love any and all feedback you can share. Thank you so much!
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Hello. I am Deaf from Birth and my birthplace Coonamble NSW in 1947. My School for Deaf, Sydney in 1956-1958.My Family’s home in Faulconbridge, Three Sisters Mountains in 1955-1965. I am moving to Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange in 1972. I am moving to Cairns, Collinsville,Brisbane, Caboolture, Waterford West,Qld in 1972 - present.From Miss. Marian Grey.

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