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Hi there, we recently lived in Busselton after Perth for 15 years. Due to a lack of work, we had to leave Busselton and have always been drawn to (and continually tossed around the idea of) Cairns. what we loved about Busselton was the magnificence in summer...the beach and things to do, however, the cold is not for us and thoroughly disliked the climate for 7 months of the year. Busselton had sharks so snorkelling/water activities were minimal as they would be in Cairns. If we were to save for a boat, what is accessible/realistic for boat owners in Cairns? We have some work options in Cairns however, wondering if the huge move from WA would be worthwhile? We love the outdoors, exploring and forced exercise through walking, riding and walks. I admit though, the only time I have experienced severe humidity was for 5 days in Fiji over Xmas - very uncomfortable but the beautiful balmy nights made the sticky days worthwhile. we far prefer heat but I know heat and humidity are totally different. We have liked Bali weather every time we have been there also....
We don't want to move and 'see what happens' as we've moved the kids around enough already after the Busselton 'disaster'. Any thoughts/comments/cons of Cairns would be appreciated. We would be looking to live in Redlynch or northern beaches and looking to get back into a more relaxed lifestyle like we had in Busso where we could walk along the beach every day and soak up life. thank you
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ann-wroota Dec 30, 2017
Hi, just wondered if you made the move and what you thought. We have a daughter in Perth and toyed with the idea of moving there but, we too, like the heat and didn't fancy the cooler months there. We also looked at bussleton as we didn't want the city but that sounds awful! We are moving to Cairns in January for a year from the UK so would be keen to hear your thoughts.
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