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Guy Allen real estate agent
Guy Allen
Impact Properties
1st February 2023

"Loads of Character"

Charnwood is largely a hillside suburb which mostly faces West-South-West. Charnwood Hill is one of the foothills of Mount Rogers. At the top of Charnwood Hill is Charnwood Bowl, which is one of the coolest and least-known skate parks in Canberra. Many parts of the suburb have a leafy feel with tall gums. Other parts of the suburb have a more open and sunnier feel. Home designs range from modest flats on the lower slopes near the shopping centre to five-bedroom, two-storey homes on the Hill, which are designed to take in the gorgeous views of sunsets over the Brindabella Ranges.

You would probably be pressed to find another Canberra suburb with more flag poles and more Australian flags. And, sometimes, it feels like Summernats all year round, as the suburb contains a high percentage of motoring enthusiasts. Statistically, the suburb has a slightly lower percentage of owner-occupiers, as it is popular with investors. There is a slightly higher percentage of Government housing than most other suburbs in the Ginninderra district. The population does not, however, seem more transient than nearby suburbs. While the median home prices usually suggest that Charnwood is Canberra’s most affordable suburb, many long-term residents would not live anywhere else, even if they had a choice. Charnwood has a passionate, friendly and generous community. There are not too many other Canberra suburbs which could put on an event which comes close to the Charny Carny.

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"Big Improver"

Charnwood is a suburb that is growing up fast. From problems in th 80's of having a high school located in the middle of a housing development that wasn't allowed fences you can imaging the crime with mostly govenrment housing tenants.

Luckily all this has changed over the past few years with the high school moved, yes, houses now have fences and alot of the government selling off public housing. Now no Canberra suburb is to have more than 5% public tenants. Charnwood was affordable with young professionals seizing the opportunity to enter the market and upgrade previously odinary accommodation.

No power lines, larger block sizes, many walking tracks, parks, sporting facilities and a new medical centre are all welcome additions as too is the improving shopping complex with Woolworths and a larger consumer base with new suburbs of Dunlop and Macgregor.

I would have to say Charnwood is Canberra's most under rated and affordable suburb

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