Clarendon Drive, Somerville, VIC 3912

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Ranked 2nd best street by locals in Somerville, VIC

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Reviews of Clarendon Drive, Somerville

"Great street"

Clarendon, although a dead-end has a fair bit of traffic on the front end of the street - however most of the motorist drive appropriately. The street is very wide (especially in today’s standard) and allows for safe, on street parking. Most of the houses are well kept and maintained. We have a large, open park for dogs to run around as well as a playground (although very basic) for the kids to enjoy too. People are always out walking and it’s a very family friendly location.

I use to live on one of the bends and never had any issues with hoons.

Jared McGovern - Real Estate Agent - OBrien Real Estate, Langwarrin - Property Consultant

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  • Families with kids
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"Yeah good during the week, quiet . alot of people have dogs"

clarendon drive is a nice street even though we know it as a main road. in the 80's it was an estate and has time has gone by bigger blocks of land have come around, the land sizes are 655 to 900sqm. the people in the area are nice and you can have a yarn to anyone, there are parks and a few walking tracks around. you do get the odd hoon which is annoying and 1800 NO HOON should be used WHEN NECESSARY!!!!!! thats the only downfall of the street, if you read this and your a resident of the street please use 1800 NOHOON and get those clowns out of here!!!! friday & saturday nights yeah there is a bit going around you see alot of people walking there dogs cause nearly every house ive seen has a dog and ther is alot of people running around doing fitness work too. with housing if there is a house on clarendon drive for sale they seem to be sold pretty quickly which is a good thing also :)

Who lives here?

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The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of

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