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Jun 24, 2020


I was visiting broken hill and heard Cockburn was worth a visit, especially the local pub which was supposed to be the loveliest place in town. As I drove into the dusty and desolate town, I didn’t see a soul except a double amputee on the side of the road which was very odd given the location. Lots of old abandoned buildings and would make an epic scene for a movie. I visited the local pub, nobody there but it was open. Walked around the building and called out and was met by a dog and an old lady walking from a nearby outbuilding in the 45 degree Celsius heat. She invited me into the pub, turned the lights on for me and offered me a choice of three beers. I drank it quickly whilst she sat in the corner and waited, I paid then left and she shut the pub back up. I got out of there as quickly as I could. Good luck in this town, I felt like I was a character in a horror movie. Straaaaange place 🤣

"Don't stop in this town"

I visited Cockburn with my husband and Children a few months back. We decided to stay in town opposed to nearby Broken Hill as we wanted to experience something different and that is exactly what we got. We expected that the services in Cockburn would be limited, but we did not expect the presence of drunks walking around hurling abuse at anyone and everything. The yelling on this particular night went for hours and my children were very scared.
The next morning I spoke with a local woman and she explained that the men live in town and their behaviour was an on-going issue and that police often get involved. I suggest that any travellers continue through Cockburn and stay in Broken Hill.
  • Some friendly locals
  • Not safe and sound
  • No where to eat except the road-house
  • Limited services