Coochiemudlo Island, QLD 4184

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Ranked 140th best suburb by locals in Brisbane Region, QLD

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Reviews of Coochiemudlo Island, QLD


Getting to the island is easy. A passenger ferry and vehicle barge service operates from Victoria Point every half hour, seven days a week.
Coochie Bus Service will take you where you want to go.
The island is small enough to walk or cycle around, and is a delight to explore with great picnic spots.
There is also a kiosk which can supply you with everything you need for a picnic on the beach.
Staying on the island is easy. There is a range of accommodation including modest bungalows, holiday homes and resort-style units. Coochiemudlo Island also has bed and breakfast accommodation.
The area is popular for windsurfing, sailing, swimming and paddle boats. You may be lucky enough to spot a dolphin, dugong or turtle in the shallow waters near the beach.
Coochiemudlo Island also has a nine-hole golf course with bay views, this area supports a variety of birdlife including migratory species and is a grate place to explore the flora and fauna of the island.

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Coochiemudlo Island
4.2Ranked 140th

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