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Reviews of Coopernook, NSW

13th May 2021

"Hazardous Area - Dangerous"

This review applies to Harrington and surrounding areas - information applies to Coopernook as well. Coopernook's low-lying areas were flooded in 2021.
Harrington and Coopernook have a history of flooding - 2021, this year most of Harrington was either underwater, or extremely close. Houses up near Crowdy Street and Beach Street got flooded, houses on the riverwalk/canals came very, very close to total inundation. The place should have been declared a disaster zone, but the locals wanted to keep it a secret to protect the area's reputation. The road gets cut off very easily - one way in, one way out. Totally flooded. There is a lot more water in this area than other areas -- just look at Google maps from the air. The highway outside Harrington Coopernook, and Croki (including Jones Island, and further back to Old Bar and Taree etc.) was totally underwater for days. The river banks burst, and within a matter of hours, the houses went from being dry, to underwater (including the road out, and highway). Very scary, with little warning. Don't buy anywhere in Harrington, because it will flood or has already flooded. People died during this year's (2021) floods. The houses that aren't on the water are equally as floodable. For example, the golf course filled up with water and caused knee-deep water on the roundabout outside houses on Harrington Rd. Don't listen to what the locals and real estates try to tell you - they just want people to buy their houses when they decide they've had enough. The ocean is coming in, and these houses are going under -- there simply aren't enough resources to save people in a disaster - it's inevitable that something really big is going to happen, living in such a volatile area. There a very few helicopters available - those who are trapped will perish. If other areas are affected, chances are, just like the bushfires, Harrington will be left until last. The fires in 2020, were a good example - no way out, and lots of bush. A deadly combination. The flooding in Harrington and surrounding areas is only getting worst (and more frequent). If you're thinking of buying (or renting) in this area, forget it - you could lose your life. In 2011 there was also flooding - but not quite as bad. There are multiple river systems, large tides, multiple surrounding beaches, and a lot of water.... It's a tidal surge waiting to happen. The plumbing/sewerage, electricity, and internet were also affected during the 2021 floods (March).
Aside from the natural hazards this area presents, there are a lot of bogans. Lots of rough types. No doubt, the houses have some form of contaminants from previous residents.

There isn't a shop other than the local IGA - it is very expensive. Taree has a supermarket - but, it is not safe. Better off driving to Port Macquarie or Forster (50 minutes plus). There are other areas closer to Sydney that offer a similar (probably better) lifestyle and price point. Condiering the risks of living in this area, and the lack of facilities, it is very overpriced. There are definitely coastal areas elsewhere that are cheaper, with just much natural beauty. If you are looking at living in Forster, however, there are some 'no go' areas, and some scary types - same with Taree, Kempsey etc. I recommend going elsewhere, altogether.

Oh, and for those considering the new developments (Pelican Bay, Hamptons etc.) they are highly floodable. Particularly, the area that Pelican Bay will be situated in - it is further from the ocean entrance, and closer to a narrower part of the river. The water gets deeper, and more unpredictable the further you go down the river. The houses on Harrington Rd have also been flooded (Pelican Bay development backs onto it).

The flood maps are misleading, and did not predict the flooding that occurred this year - despite it not even reaching the level of a '100-year event' in Harrington.

The flood maps have been adjusted without warning, and are not reliable. Likely, next time it will be greater than a 100-year event.

The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of

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