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Reviews of Deepwater, NSW

"Great place to buy an affordable home, raise a family or retire!!"

Deepwater is a hive activity, great people and welcoming community spirit. A great place to raise a family or retire comfortably. Very safe, friendly, welcoming, close knit community. I have lived in nearby town of Stannum for 9 years, with all of my children attending the local schools, living expenses are very low, great friendly people who are always willing to give a hand when needed. Country living at its best.

Drs, medical services and local hospitals are all located at Emmaville, Glen Innes and Tenterfield
A large Foodworks Store, Post Office, Petrol Station/Roadhouse with mechanic, Cafe (yummiest burgers around), Bakery (best pies and cakes in the New England area), Primary School, Preschool, Country Link Bus Services, School Bus Services, School Of Arts Hall and Police Station all located in the town of Deepwater.
The town of Deepwater is a hive of activity with many local Yellow Belly and Cod fishing spots along the many rivers in the area, including a fishing club to join. Many show nights performed by the local theatre group and local school, art shows, fetes, dance classes, library and many other activities organised throughout the year at the local Hall Of Arts.
The Deepwater Markets also held once a month at the bottom pub. Locally grown fruit and vegie market every Saturday at the Deepwater Roadhouse.
Deepwater Jockey Club and Deepwater Racecourse, holding the annual Deepwater Races in January. The Deepwater Golf Club and Deepwater Golf Course also holding many activities throughout the year. The Tennis Club compete regularly at the local tennis courts.
Local Church Youth groups available for primary and high school aged children ran by the local vicars wife.
Many national parks to visit including the much visited Mystery Face at Torrington.
Torrington and surrounding areas are famous for there fossicking with many visitors travelling to the area throughout the year to try there hand at fossicking. Torrington also has many activities organised throughout the year at the Torrington Hall including ANZAC memorial and the traditional diggers breakfast, the annual Easter Markets, Cricket Day and Christmas Party are very popular with locals and tourists.
There are also many activities and annual events held in Glen Innes and Tenterfield which are also very popular with the locals and tourists.

More information on our fav places to eat and things to do in around Stannum and Deepwater please click on forum tab and then click view all, type Our Families Top 5 FreeThings To Do In And Around Stannum or Top 5 Places To Eat,Tenterfield to Glen Innes in search topics box for more information.

• Local Glen Innes Schools and Local Tenterfield Schools
(primary and high schools)
Buses located in the town of Deepwater

• Deepwater Public School & Deepwater Preschool
(preschool & primary only)

Great for

  • Welcoming and friendly community spirit
  • Low living expenses
  • Rich in activities and history

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • LGBT+
  • Hipsters
  • Country Lovers

Does the town flood ?


Areas near the river flood and the lower end of the main street (New England Hwy) used to flood, no idea if it still does.

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