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14th January 2019


River Road is the worst, loudest and busiest road ever.
Constant barrage of noise. Massive trucks back and forth constantly hauling anything from cows to houses and industrial waste. We were new to town and had no idea. Dinmore is surrounded by massive electrical towers. The suburb is adjacent to the Ipswich dump and meat factory, that we think is making us sick. We thought it would be a nice small quiet suburb, but we were wrong. The water stinks coming out of the tap and worse from the drains.
Strange brown dust covers bins, garden, windows and aircon unit.
Dumped stolen cars on the side of the road, takes weeks for them to be removed.
Our whole house vibrates from sound-waves all the time. Please believe us, if you move here you will be just as miserable as we are. Also, don't buy here.

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