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Hi there, currently looking at moving into a new estate in the area of Doreen, from the forum reviews the standard of living appears to be some what better than expected and promotes a relaxed lifestyle away form the daily CBD hustle. Does any body commute to the CBD daily by car, and if so how do you find the drive in and out, currently live 17kms form CBD and on a bad day this can take over an hour to get to work unless you get up at 5.00am (this is on the eastern freeway). Not overly fussed with massive shopping malls and places to spend money, more interested in what its like to wake up on a Saturday morning. Hoping top hear birds and tree's rustle as opposed to horns cars buses and the hum of people heading to the shopping mall. Prefer to sit on the veranda and enjoy the quiet. However in saying that if I ran out of bread are there local amenities around to provide the "pop down to the store to stock up"? Nightlife is not an issue for us its not something that we really get into, prefer to have a BBQ with friends or neighbours, and from posts in the forum this seems to be a preferred option for most. Happy to hear thoughts and recommendations, good and bad is fine. Thank you
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Sash 2yrs+
Doreen is a lovely place to live. Everyday we are glad we decided to move. It has that special feel about it that most places dont. I have recently had to go to the city to take our son for uni courses and in the morning and evening peak hour it takes 55 minutes. We have been taking the Craigieburn bypass from Craigieburn Road East. Of these 55 minutes approx 30 minutes is taken up by the last 5 km.
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treelover Jan 09, 2019
Doreen is a lovely place. It's green and most streets have nice views to hills and parks.
The majority of people seem really nice and seem to care about their neighbours and maintaining the feel of Doreen. Here traffic is almost always relaxed and unhurried. People are considerate and for the most part not aggressive like in some other suburbs.
We have always felt perfectly safe at any time of day and night.
Recently we have had a huge improvement in facilities. We now have a train, Bunnings, a police station, an ambulance station, a vet, doctors and dentists galore and there is talk of a swimming pool and a third gym. For a while now we have had great eating choices that includes 2 pubs and countless really good restaurants. We also have a post office, a deli, countless breakfast and coffee places, florists and many more. The pizza and other fast food choices are great. Did I mention we have one of Melbourne's best sourdough bakeries in Station St, Mernda. As for supermarkets we have Woollies and in the next few weeks will get a Coles as well. There is also talk of an Aldi. BTW, the Laurimar shopping strip is beautiful.
We absolutely love living here.
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