What is the crime rate in Goodna?

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Teke 2yrs+
If you make sure you lock up the house properly and get to know one of your neighbours, you should be sweet. One of our neighbours in the next street was broken into and didn't lock the screen door with the key so it was easy for thieves to access the main door without making too much noise(all this while the household was asleep). If your looking to live somewhere in Goodna, I suggest moving to a house that is visible from more than one house in your neighbourhood and isn't hidden so to speak(near bush, a street easy for someone to drive in and steal your stuff).

We lived in Cunningham Rise Estate in Goodna for a few years and didn't know of any crime or experienced any. Now we live in a newer part hidden down off Eric Street in Goodna. We've been here eight months and already know only of six break ins and two cars stolen from those homes. and that's only the ones we know of. We believe we've been spared because our home is very open and we know our neighbours. (Hopefully that still helps us we've lived in Goodna for a total of five years and so far so good).

I didn't research this side of Goodna but figured it would be fine seeing we've lived here for five years with no problems. Turns out I'm wrong, crime is committed in Goodna and so far as I know its only theft! What ever you do, don't listen to the stupid real estate! They are full of shit! Do yourself a favour and meet some residents where you want to live(we did that when moving to Goodna). If they are feral and don't want to help you, chances are they won't help you ever. Seek somewhere that has at least one good neighbour, you don't have to be besties just nice and respectful.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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