5.3 out of 10


-31.2661642471923 148.436771893663
Great for
  • Parking
  • Lack of Traffic
  • Clean & Green
  • Neighbourly Spirit
  • Peace & Quiet
Not great for
  • Public Transport
  • Shopping Options
  • Childcare
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Nightlife
Who lives here?
  • Retirees
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Tourists
  • Hipsters


4/5 rating details
  • Neighbourly Spirit 4/5
  • Safe & Sound 3/5
  • Clean & Green 4/5
  • Pest Free 3/5
  • Peace & Quiet 5/5
  • Eating Out 4/5
  • Nightlife 2/5
  • Parks & Recreation 3/5
  • Shopping Options 2/5
  • Gym & Fitness 1/5
  • Internet Access 3/5
  • Lack of Traffic 5/5
  • Parking 5/5
  • Cost of Living 3/5
  • Resale or Rental Value 3/5
  • Public Transport 1/5
  • Medical Facilities 5/5
  • Schools 3/5

"tree change"

We came here to get away from it all. Gulargambone is the place for that. We have fantastic neighbours. Our biggest regret is that we did not buy a few acres. Facilities are as follows: medical centre, post office, pub, bowls club, golf club, shooters travel to Coonamble or Gilgandra, swimming pool, town water and sewerage. This is an ideal place to call home while you travel around as the housing is cheap. Don't come here if you are expecting the Ritz because it isn't going to happen. The famous 2828 for meals as well as the bowls club for chinese food and the cafe is reopening. If you want to wind down and wind back then Gular has it all.
Recommended for
  • Singles
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • Hipsters
  • Country Lovers
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HouseSearch If you are looking for acres there is a property available 15km from Gulargambone on 60 acres - great place you should check it out...
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2/5 rating details
  • Neighbourly Spirit 4/5
  • Safe & Sound 1/5
  • Clean & Green 4/5
  • Pest Free 2/5
  • Peace & Quiet 2/5
  • Eating Out 1/5
  • Nightlife 1/5
  • Parks & Recreation 2/5
  • Shopping Options 1/5
  • Gym & Fitness 2/5
  • Internet Access 2/5
  • Lack of Traffic 4/5
  • Cost of Living 2/5
  • Resale or Rental Value 2/5
  • Public Transport 1/5
  • Medical Facilities 2/5
  • Schools 1/5
  • Childcare 1/5

"A small town where everybody needs a security system or dogs."

Gulargambone - the town with no pharmacy, newsagent, butcher, dry cleaner, clothing store or much of anything. The excuse for a supermarket is overpriced and very limited in choice.

Just about everything has to be accessed from neighbouring towns and for that you need a car because public transport is something city people have.

Policing is minimal, meaning that the criminal elements in the town can do whatever they like and
even if by chance they are caught, the judiciary will soon have them out on bail to continue on their larcenous violent way. There is a lot of noise on certain nights of the week, from partying and drinking. Additionally the highway goes right through the centre of town so at night you will be disturbed by the noise of B Doubles.

If you want to spend your days being a volunteer, then this is the town for you because the town runs on volunteers and there are plenty of options to select from.

When you visit the town, nobody will tell you about the out-of-control elements in the population, of the violence, drinking and drugging, break and enters, car theft, and abuse etc.

The housing is cheap for a reason, but if you don't care about the social problems- just want a cheap house, then go for it. Remember, that the cheap housing is offset by high prices for every other commodity including the rates.
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natter To "OutofGular": We just read your honest review of Gulargambone...thanks for being straight forward...this is helpful to us..
We generally like this town, it has strong local community backing..it seems most people are keen to keep the town alive, some work very hard to stop services from closing down.. We are thinking about buying a home and move and settle there, so before we move to this town, we tried to check it out first - as you do..We visit, we stayed a few times..we talk to locals, try to shop locally (not easy)..We tried to find out about every day life in Gulargambone - we found, as you say, the real truth was hard to discover...there was a sort of half whispered denial...
But of course secrecy makes us wonder even more, what is wrong...? The thing is, visitors wonder about crime when we see security fences and when we notice obviously vandalised buildings around town, we wonder if our property might suffer the same...?
As a family, we have discussed our basic need to keep our home safe, so at this stage we are still making up our minds..thanks again for your frank and helpful review...
Natter..June 2011..
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"quiet friendly street"
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