Any thoughts on Aberle street - I'm thinking about buying Hami Hill?

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We live around the corner from Aberle in Bradbury Rd which has really evolved over the last 5-8 years and is very friendly and supportive. We're on friendly terms with all of our close neighbs and particularly since Covid, most people in the street to say hello to and have a chat as well. There is an increasing sense of community in the area and more younger couples and families seem to be buying in as its way more affordable than Beaconsfield or WGV.

Positives are close to transport, close to Freo, close to beaches and lots of great parks. Great shopping options for groceries from three IGA' to several gourmet supermarkets having opened up.

Aberle is adjacent to the primary school which has a good reputation so is vibrant and busy at school times. There's a good cafe just around the corner under new management. We've met them and they're lovely. There a lot of folks who walk their dogs in the area because of the nice park behind the school.

Negatives aren't too many, we hear of the occasional anti social behaviour but none that has ever effected us directly. Hoons are reasonably rare. Traffic can get busy at peak hours. If you move to the area please drive very slowly near the school. Since the Simms Rd shopping precinct was upgraded it's much better and tidier. It could be made a real jewell in the area with some seating options to make it more user friendly.

We've decided to stay longer term now and have built a studio and we are renovating looking to extend. Our block is also zoned sub dividable. We love that were close to Coogee Beach although Sth Beach is closer, Coogee is quieter and just beautiful. Freo is close by and we spend a lot of time in and out of Freo weekly.

We feel HH is a friendly, family suburb with lots of upside. Hope this helps.

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