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Reviews of Horsley Park, NSW

"Rural living close to major towns"

Horsley Park is a picturesque semi rural suburb in western Sydney, best known for the “Country” lifestyle it provides yet only 10 minutes drive to major shopping centres and well established residential suburbs such as Bossley Park and Wetherill park .
Horsley Park provides a mix of mostly 2.5 acre and 5 acre lots with substantial homes, the suburb is complemented by the mountains as a majestic back drop .
Be careful if purchasing in the suburb, there are a lot of acreage affected by easements most notably high voltage power line easements and other blocks may be prone to flooding blocks with affectation are much less desirable and command a much lower selling price.
In my role as a Senior Sales Agent for Marando Real Estate I was responsible for many sales in this highly popular area, Marando Real Estate in Fairfield are highly recommended when selling in the suburb, they are considered the only agent to deal with selling approx 4 in every 5 transactions recorded in the suburb.
If you are interested in my Top 10 street picks, here they are in order,

1/ Koala Way
2/Garfield Road
3/Capitol Hill Drive
4/The Appian Way
5/Washington Way
6/Green way Place
7/Walworth Road
8/Felton Street
9/Brolen Way
10/ Jamieson Road

As you drive into Horsley Park after travelling along The Horsley Drive to get there ,you will notice a small village style concentration of family run businesses
a gun shop, post office, pub, lawn mower repair and other stores provided essentials for locals without having to travel far.
Located behind the shops you’ll find “Our Lady of Victories” Catholic church in Felton Street, the church also has a private primary school which has a very good reputation among locals with “Horsley Park Public School” located on entry to the suburb on the Horsley Drive being the alternative.
The most notable landmark in this exclusive suburb is the equestrian centre, purposely build for Sydney 2000 Olympics, the centre is still used to this day for equestrian events.
Horsley Park has a significant proportion of older residents, most people have lived and worked farms for decades including market gardens, chicken farms and other hobby farms the area has a majority European population, people from Italian and Maltese decent make up a large portion of residents.
Many successful local business people from Fairfield to Liverpool call Horsley park home, the sprawling mansions built as a sign to their achievements.
A newer subdivision known as “Capitol Hill” was established in the 90’s and is an extension of Horsley Park, here you will find newer homes naturally most are under 20 years of age. Capitol Hill as its name suggests sits on a high commanding hill, distant views to the Blue Mountains and fresh clear air make living here a pleasure.

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Thanks adam from century 21 for your in depth analysis and individual view of the area, only if there were other people out there that put the same effort as you.


I've never seen such a nice job with COPY & PASTE maybe you should try some individual thinking


Sorry it has taken me 2 years to reply Mr Cracker, I have been answering questions as per prioriety and in order of importance, and whata ya know cobber 2 years on its your turn, now... Wikipedia hey? what are you talking about? anyway go back to sleep

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