Do you think Ipswich is the worst

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yasmin-fadzily Jan 20, 2019
No, just be choosey about where you live. Ipswich has some of the loveliest private schools, beautiful Queens Gardens and a large new shopping centre at Riverlinks. Some of the properties are heritage listed and are gorgeous and carefully maintained. It's the city of churches too, with a quiet and strong undercurrent of Christian people.
There are scenic rural residential locations very close to the township, such as Lawnton, though that little gem stone place developed quickly but a lucky few built there and made a lot of money in capital growth.
There's a poor socio economic, aspect to Ipswich, intensified by Boarding Houses for the despairing, poor conditions at inflated rates, with a bottleneck effect of long term unemployed , untreated low to medium mental illness sufferers and destitute drug users who have squandered all resources and arrive at these boarding houses, to become long term residents. Even if, they are in denial, on arrival. Find out the locations of these places and stay out of range of those. Its a noxious shame to the suburbs but reduces homelessness, and they keep lock out curfews, this is good for everyone else.
Ipswich boasts their River Gardens, a long garden forest type garden path walk, along the river, with statuette water features. It's worth the visit, it's beautiful.
Ipswich town centre, was a dull place with high shop vacancies. The fun vibrant shopping happens at Riverlink and Booval Fair. Ipswich health services are plentiful, modern and mostly bulk billed. You can go everywhere, with relative ease, on public transport.
It's a very convenient, commercially self sufficient, mini city to live. I recommend it.
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