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Reviews of Kings Park, VIC

19th January 2020

"Will have a good future"

Kings Park is within 30 mins of Melbourne city centre so it's a great place to get your foot in the property market if you can't afford to buy in your dream area. It's great if you want access to cheaper foods and international foods as well. You can get lots of really good deals from the St Albans Markets (Big Sams) - much cheaper than other parts of Melbourne. Wonderful cheeses and deli meats imported from Europe, as well as a huge variety of products from India and Asia in the local stores around St Albans (which is a neighboring suburb of King's Park).
In Kings Park itself you have Brimbank shopping centre, which has undercover parking and a fairly decent range of shops.
It's a very multicultural community so depending on where you are from you may find others from your cultural background or feel like you've stepped into another country.
I'd recommend the area to young couples who work in the city and want a foot in the property market . You could live there for a few years and then turn your property into an investment property when you get ahead a bit.
As far as raising a family there, it might depend on your cultural background. For some it will be ideal, for others, maybe not. Do your homework in that respect.
As far as the community goes, it's a quiet place with a mix of older European immigrants who grow their own fruit trees and have nice gardens, and some of the newer arrivals from different parts of Asia and India as well as some white Aussies and those from mixed cultural backgrounds.
Kings Park's community is pretty quite but there are some dodgy goings on in the western suburbs of Melbourne and sometimes they do pass through the quiet back streets of Kings Park so you do hear the odd hoon here and there. It's not perfect but then again, it's so much cheaper to buy a house there than other places within 30 mins of the city centre. And as infrastructure continues to improve, so will the property prices. So get in now!

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"Its quite boring"


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"A nice quiet court location"

Moved in to Kings Park few months ago, a nice quiet court location.

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