Kooralbyn the Community

Well what's in a community? A community such as Kooralbyn is an ideal place to bring up a family. One couldn't ask for a better place than Kooralbyn it's just a pity that the local shire council doesn't do more to help places like Kooralbyn reach there full potential, all local bodies want growth but that's hard when all they do is take and put nothing back into the community, we all love the Scenic Rim and as a community that has had the gust ripped out of it, one might be forgiven for thinking that the local council would want to promote the place a little more and encourage growth rather than just taking and putting nothing back in.

Take for example the new web site, designed to promote the Scenic Rim to visitor from Brisbane and beyond, one couldn't help but notice the lack of mention about Kooralbyn and yet a tin pot place like Rathdowney got plenty of mention, what's up here do they want the place (kooralbyn that is) to fall of the map?
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