Kylee Crescent, Calliope, QLD 4680

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"Besides the sunny coast"

Nothing compares to the sunshine coast, my home town living near the beach and across the road from the river was great!!. We moved to Gladstone for two years to save money and work work work... We went throught Calliope on a day out discovering what Gladstone had to offer. My exact words to my husband were ... mmmm bit out of the way isn't it. He replied it's perfect!!!! No smell form all the pollution of gladstone the people in the shops are friendly much more modern houses,brand new doctor's surgery two pubs and a brand new IGA. My husbands work bus that his job paid!!! for drove them home and it would only take 10mins. We moved!!! The river is nice lots of people camp by the river in their Winnebago's and enjoy the sun, skiing and fishing.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
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