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What does Lamb Island have over the other Bay Islands to live?
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Not really what I meant. This to me is advertising a service not trying to tell the good & bad comments about the island as a place to live on.


Hi Nessa, small island - 1klm x 2klm in size, quiet, some undulation/higher spots than others/so not flat, water views available from a lot of the island. Greener than the other islands. Apparently we get more rain than the other islands, as some areas (small tracts of land) are rainforest like. Wonderful wildlife, manly birds, with lots of curlews and other birds. Has it's own friendly convenience store (close to the ferry), with great takeaway food or eat at tables provided outside. Friendly recreation club and closeby a Garden club, Tennis court, swimming enclosure with a wash off outdoor shower, playground, b-b-q, picnic tables and toilets. Three locations with public toilets on the island, one at the ferry/jetty. A public phone opposite the convenience store. Wonderful community, including a small army of volunteers on the island. Rural fire brigade, small men's shed. Lots of retirees, some families with kids - primary schools on Macleay or Russell, none on Lamb. Have been here 4.5 years and less and less "feral types" than there once was


Thanks o much for great answer

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