Are there jobs advertised regularly in the areas of Lenah Valley and Rosetta?

We may move from WA for an employment opportunity and have a 2 year old. Do the Child Care Centres have a good reputation? What activities and opportunities are there for kids of all ages? Whats the weather like - how cold in winter and do you get many warm days in summer? Any response would be great. Thanks.
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Hi, Rosetta is more of a working class suburb - no disrespect to anyone in saying that, its also a lot further out than Lenah Valley from the city and i've not been there often enough to comment on what facilities there are there. On the plus side houses would be cheaper to rent / buy than in Lenah Valley.

We also have a 2 year old and he goes to Friends Early Years child care centre which is excellent - this is located in North Hobart only two minutes drive from Lenah Valley. I have friends with kids at Pixie and hear good reports about Pixie child care centre in Lenah Valley also.

As Rosetta and Lenah Valley are residential suburbs theres not a lot of employment opportunities but obv this depends on your occupation, theres a large hospital in Lenah Valley, chemists, restaurants, post office, child care centres, RSL, and a factory - Milk factory I think, and primary and high schools in the area plus there a small museum for artists to show case and sell their work so depending on what you do you may be able to find work. Its only a 5 - 10 minute drive to Hobart where the majority of jobs are anyway.

Winter average temps max would be 10 - 13, summer varies wildly like today was 20 tomorrow 22, next day 31, next day 27 and day after 20 again. Hard to dress for but good if you like variety.

We built our house in Lenah Valley because we think its a great, close to the city, suburb to bring up our children, for older kids there are creeks to play in and bush to explore and its a nice safe area, some great parks, good if you own a dog, a few dog off leash areas etc.

Recommend you move:) Hope that helps


Sorry to butt in on your topic but Vanderlayindust you mentioned that you built your house, would you recommend that or was it as stressful as people say. Also is there a building firm you would recommend. Sorry again, but thanks in advance.

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What's the weather like? Cold, or at least cold compared to WA. Winter can get pretty frosty, so find a well insulated house. Summer in Hobart is beautiful (well, not today, but usually) and it doesn't get too hot like it does on the mainland. It's great for growing blueberries, cherries etc. There's a child care centre in Lenah Valley near the primary school (Creek Rd), and Lenah Valley is pretty close to the CBD - about a 40min walk/5min drive. It's also nice and leafy, with lovely parks, creeks, bushwalks and playgrounds.

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