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Rebecca Tunks
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Discovering the sex of your baby is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy, and many parents-to-be are now choosing to mark the occasion by celebrating the reveal with friends and family.

Gender reveal parties are all the rage, providing a fun alternative to the more traditional baby shower, where men, women and children can all come together to learn whether your new baby is going to be a boy or girl and celebrate this significant moment.

Organising a gender reveal party

Baby reveal parties are typically intimate affairs involving close friends and family members who are going to be involved in your baby’s life, so there’s no better place to host a gender reveal party than your own home. If weather permits, your backyard is the ideal space for this casual and upbeat soiree. If you’re short on tables, chairs and glassware, consider a party hire company to help out.

Whether you opt to have your party indoors or outdoors, adding elements like balloons, bunting, a cute snack bar, cosy wicker lounges and drink dispensers containing iced tea or punch can quickly transform your home into an adorable, cheerful setting suitable for this exciting milestone.

One of the great things about a baby reveal house party is you don’t need to go to any elaborate efforts – revealing the gender of your baby is the real piece de résistance and everything else is just a bonus.

Ideas for revealing your baby’s sex

A quick glimpse down the Pinterest rabbit hole will give you an idea of just how creative couples are getting when it comes to revealing the gender of their baby. Some parents already know the sex and come up with fun ways to surprise their guests, while other parents remain in the dark and only learn of the gender at the same time as everyone else.

Image: Perth Party Hire

There’s no shortage of fun ideas for revealing your baby’s sex at a gender reveal house party, but here are some of our favourites:

  • Unwrap a gift containing a male or female baby outfit in front of your guests.
  • Bake a cake or cupcakes containing blue or pink filling. When the cake is cut or guests bite into the cupcake, the gender of the baby will be revealed.
  • Hand out cans of pink or blue silly string to guests, hiding the label of the colour by wrapping the can in craft paper. Count down from three and then have everyone start a silly string fight as the gender is revealed in a fun and hilarious way that younger guests will especially enjoy.
  • Fill a black balloon with pink or blue confetti where you and your partner throw darts until the balloon pops, with the burst of confetti revealing the sex. This can also be done with a piñata which guests can take turns hitting until the gender is unveiled when all the goodies inside tumble out.
Image: Perth Party Hire
  • Fill a huge box with pink or blue helium balloons and wrap it up like an enormous present. Open the gift in front of your guests and watch as the balloons rise up out of the box to reveal whether a girl or boy is on its way. If you’re doing this outdoors, remember to make sure the balloons are tied down to something heavy in the bottom of the box to ensure they don’t fly away.
  • If your backyard is suitable and the weather is warm, hand out water pistols to your guests filled with blue or pink paint. You and your partner can stand in front of your guests wearing white t-shirts and have your guests spray you down, unleashing the gender in a way everyone will get a real kick out of.

Ultimately, a baby gender reveal house party can be tailored to suit any budget and be as casual or elaborate as you like. Whatever you decide to do for your gender reveal, you can be guaranteed it will be a day you’ll never forget!

For more useful advice for parents-to-be take a look at these tips to baby proof your rental and how to make a nursery homely.

Rebecca Tunks
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