How to make your baby’s nursery homely

Rebecca Tunks
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The time has finally come – your new baby is about to arrive! You’re counting the days until you get to see their gorgeous face for the first time and introduce them to the world.

Before you embark on this journey, an important step of the parenting process is having a relaxing space ready for your baby. Hopefully, you’ve managed to organise a cosy environment for your child to come home to, but if not, don’t panic – we’ve provided some helpful tips on making your nursery welcoming and comfortable for your bundle of joy.

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To theme or not to theme

Many new parents decide to use a theme when decorating their baby’s nursery. It’s not only fun to create a themed nursery, but it also makes things easier when picking furnishings and pretty decor to create an inviting space.

If you have a theme in mind, designing a nursery is easy, but if you don’t know where to start picking a theme can be quite stressful. Some parents pick nursery themes based on their own personal interests or go with something gender appropriate while others may pick a theme at random and roll with it.

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Here are some popular theme ideas for creating a welcoming nursery:

  • Jungle theme: Think lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys and more jungle friends for your little one, with tree decals or real indoor plants to really set an engaging colourful scene.
  • Space theme: Use planets, rocket ships and glowing stars to create a mystical and calming space that’s out of this world.
  • Fairytale theme: Be inspired by castles, forests, butterflies, fairies and toadstools for a whimsical nursery any little prince or princess will love.
  • Nautical theme: Embrace blue and white stripes, sailboats, rowing boats, flags, bunting, beachy accessories, whales, ocean waves and anchors to create a calming shipshape nursery.

Another great way to liven up your baby’s nursery is a wall mural. If you don’t have any painting skills of your own, you can commission a freelance artist to design a beautiful creation for something really special or have a playfull wallpaper mural printed and installed.

If the thought of a mural is too daunting, take it easy with some super cute stickers. Stick on removable decals have become a hugely popular addition to nurseries, with their easy application and temporary nature being favoured by parents who want to create a cosy, vibrant space with minimal effort and maximum impact.

Artworks are a great feature in any nursery and adding a colourful print or framed picture is a fantastic way to liven up your child’s space. Babies love contrast and colour as they learn to use their eyes, so adding artwork not only looks great but is also helpful for your baby’s development.

Interactive activities

Your baby will constantly be learning as they grow and develop. If you download The Wonder Weeks app, you can learn new lessons each week about all the new skills your baby is developing, such as learning to see colour and movement, adjusting their focus points, seeing contrasts and more. This is why creating simple interactive stimulation in your nursery is important.

A hanging mobile is a wonderful way to stimulate your child’s mind while also adding an attractive feature to your nursery’s decor. One tip we recommend is creating a homemade mobile that your baby can use to practice seeing colour and movement. You can buy these of course, but making your own is a nice way to add a personal touch and a little extra love to the nursery. Hanging origami above the change table or crib is a great way to keep bub entertained.

We love these colourful origami balls that are cheap, fun and easy to make. You can create your own origami balls or origami stars in a matter of minutes.

Temperature & light

It’s super important your baby is always at a comfortable temperature, with the recommended temperature for a nursery around 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. It’s a good idea to invest in a room thermometer that can help you monitor the temperature so your baby’s room is never too hot or too cold. Having a nursery at a steady temperature will help your baby sleep better, stay healthy and make it easier to comfortably dress them.

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Controlling the light in your baby’s room is also important, as this will help you work with their ever-changing sleep patterns. Ideally, you should install block out blinds and curtains in both the nursery and the parents’ bedroom, as this will block out daylight to make it easier to nap throughout the day.

When installing blinds and curtains, it’s vital to ensure they are installed to child safety standards and are professionally fitted to guarantee they are correctly secured to the wall.

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You’ll need lots of storage in the nursery for toys, clothing, bedding, nappies, wipes, pyjamas and more. Take our word for it – you’ll be surprised by just how much stuff you’ll need for such a little person. We highly recommend storing your nappy changing items within arms reach to your change table so you can keep a safe hand on your bub while changing their 592nd nappy!

Set up a play zone

The nursery is the first room your baby will ever have, so the small touches are worth it to ensure they have a warm and happy space that feels like home. Making this a fun area to play is great for baby, family and friends and will encourage an inviting and friendly energy in the room. If space permits, add some of the below items to create a play zone your baby will love.

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  • Space to play and interact – You will become your baby’s favourite toy and moving your face with various expressions and talking to your baby is one of the best games.
  • Rug to play on – Soft flooring is needed so your baby has somewhere comfortable and safe to play.
  • Toys – Have a collection of toys nearby to show and play with your baby.
  • Activity mat – To stimulate your baby’s senses when they want to learn and sit up.
  • Bouncer – These can help soothe and entertain your baby.
  • Rocking chair – Both you and your baby will love the stress-easing properties of gently rocking back and forth.

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We hope these five tips help you set up the perfect environment to welcome your new baby into the family home. For the next stage in your baby’s childhood check out these six decor ideas for kids rooms.

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