Inexpensive DIY Ideas for Your House

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There are plenty of specialised items that you can buy for your home, but do the work yourself and make clever and inexpensive substitutes on your own. 

 DIY can be fun and exciting if you undertake it the right way! 
DIY can be fun and exciting if you undertake it the right way! 

Muffin Tin Storage

There are many ways in which to keep things organised in your garage or workshop, but have you ever seen repurposed muffin tin trays used for this purpose? They are quite handy, since they can be built on pullout trays, with access to lots of little fasteners, nuts and bolts and other items. They are easily made by attaching muffin tins to the underside of work surfaces using machine head screws. 

Utilising Your Kitchen 

If you have a small kitchen, you may already use your stove for extra counter space when you are preparing meals. Burner covers make the space even easier to use. You can purchase aluminium covers that are rectangular and sit across two burners. With a little creativity, though, you can build an even more usable model. 

Using a raised cutting board, you can create a burner cover that can safely be left atop the stove when it’s not in use. You can use this surface to chop vegetables, prepare recipes or just as a safe device to cover burners from prying little hands. 

DIY Homemade Dusting Spray

Manufactured sprays for dusting are somewhat expensive and they may contain chemicals that you would prefer not to use in your home. They often leave a residue on your wooden surfaces too. DIY dusting spray might be an alternative for you. You can make your own spray for dusting with water, lemon essential oil, olive oil and vinegar. If you’d prefer a different scent, you can use something other than lemon oil. 

Hanging Recycle Bins

You use up a lot of floor space in your garage for recycle and trash bins. You can make DIY cleats that will allow you to hang receptacles for your recyclables. It’s a much cleaner alternative to storing your recycle bins outside. Using simple instructions available online, along with a few 2x4s and 1x4s, tools and screws, you will be able to do all your recycling without using up the floor space in your garage. 

Homemade Coasters

Families and guests today spend a lot of time with drinks and snacks, or even meals, in the living or entertainment room. You don’t want condensation rings on your favourite tables, though. Cutting a photo to size and gluing it to a square clay tile makes a unique coaster that people may actually remember to use. The image is covered with a glue that will dry transparent, and this protects the photos from sweating glasses or minor spills. You can glue felt to the tile back so that it won’t cause scratches on your furniture. 

Wall Organisers

If you have time and a talent for crafts, you can create a wall organiser that you can hang almost anywhere. It will have many pockets for mail, supplies and other small objects. It follows the same basic design as a door-mounted shoe organiser, but you can customise it with pockets of various sizes, to suit your needs. If you use a fabric that is chalk friendly, you can write notes on the sections and clean them off when you no longer need the notes. 

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