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Outdoor living


Whether you have a small courtyard or a sprawling garden, every home could benefit from the addition of a deck to make the most of their outdoor space. From selecting materials, maintenance and restoration, we’ve got a guide for all your decking needs.

Garden design

The garden is a multipurpose space used to exercise, play, harvest food, entertain and unwind. Put your best foot forward by using these gardening tips and ideas to create and maintain your own outdoor haven.

Outdoor decor

Could the exterior of your home use some sprucing up? We'll talk you through how to boost your kerb appeal, the hottest alfresco trends and paint colour selection that'll refresh your outdoor space.

Outdoor furniture

Is your patio desperately in need of an update or perhaps you just want a new look? Check out our tips on styling, selecting and even crafting your own outdoor furniture.

Outdoor kitchens

A dream property feature for entertainers, foodies and aspiring chefs alike, an outdoor kitchen will take your summer gatherings to the next level. Here’s what you need to think about in terms of design, budget, styling and accessories when adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

Swimming pools

When designing, building and maintaining a swimming pool there are a lot of different things to consider so your pool is functional and safe. Use our handy guides to get inspired, learn about rules and regulations in your state, and stay up to date on new styles and technology.

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Your handy guide to DIY decking kits

Adding an outdoor area at home is probably a goal for a lot of homeowners this year. Building it yourself is an excellent way...

Is your pool ready for summer?

Warmer weather has arrived and you probably can’t wait to take a cooling dip in your swimming pool - but is your pool ready...

9 spooktacular ways to decorate your home for Halloween

If you can’t beat them, join them. Even if the thought of Halloween fills you with dread (no pun intended), the thought of being...

7 ideas to perk up your side yard

The side of your home can be a challenging space to work with. For many properties it’s often a neglected ‘waste of space’. For homeowners...