DIY Home Improvement Projects

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 Read our latest tips for DIY fixes from our experts.
Read our latest tips for DIY fixes from our experts.

Decorating with DIY projects will allow you to efficiently customise your house and transform your living space without completely remodelling your home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you can purchase DIY guides to help you through household projects. 

If you’re not proficient as a DIY veteran yet, find a friend who can handle the project you would like done and help him – or her – to complete it. In this way, you can do more projects yourself in the future. 

Painting Your Foyer

Your foyer is the first thing people see when they come in your house. It should make a good impression. Select a colour that will complement your home décor. Warm, neutral colours are welcoming, and if you have an open foyer, select colours that fit with the colour scheme that already exists. 

If you have a separate foyer, you can be freer with your colour choice. Dark colours make bold impressions, as long as your foyer isn’t especially small. You might also like to paint an accent wall, which will highlight artwork or other items. 

Before you paint your foyer, cover hall trees or desks with drop cloths or move them out of the foyer area. Use a damp cloth and clean the surface of the wall with water and a mild detergent. If there is any damage, patch the holes with spackling compound. Use a putty knife to scrape off old paint. Remove switch and outlet covers and apply painter’s tape to cover the edges. 

Apply your primer and then paint, or use your primer/paint mix to the foyer walls. Be sure to spread evenly. You may need a second coat, particularly if you are using a light colour over a darker colour. After the paint has fully dried, you can move your furniture pieces back and reattach your switch and outlet covers. 

Adding Accessories

Accessorising your foyer with personal things will show guests what your home is like. Be sure that you don’t use too many accessories or large items that might dwarf your foyer. If you happen to incorporate various framed objects, be sure that the frame styles work well together. 

If you have a foyer table, think about adding fresh flowers or potted plants. These will make the area more inviting for family and friends, and they will enjoy the scents of flowers as they enter your home. 

Lighting Your Foyer

When you determine the size of your lighting fixtures, keep the size of the foyer in mind. Smaller entryways and foyers with low ceilings work well with fixtures that mount flush with the wall or ceiling. Chandeliers or ceiling pendant lights are better used in large entryways and those with higher ceilings. 

Lights today are available in an almost unlimited array of styles and sizes, so you should be able to find a light that will complement your décor. Be sure that you select sizes and styles that are appropriate for the space. Globe lights add a lot of style in a smaller space, and antique light fixtures work well with almost any home styles. Contemporary lights are sleek, and work best in new homes or those with a minimalist décor.

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