DIY Tip: Easy Window Treatments

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3 min readWindow treatments may blend with the colours of your walls, or they can obviously stand out. It is important to decide which of the roles you want your window treatments to play. The window treatment ideas below will make your plain curtains look like they were created by an interior design expert.

Dressing Up Your Curtains

If you’d like to give your curtains a bit more flair, you can add trim using a glue gun. Embellishments like lace or other materials are an easy way to add flair to your existing window treatments, or to new curtains you purchase that are too plain for your liking. You can even use lace doilies for your curtains.

The decorative trim that you glue onto the edges of your curtains will give them a tailored, custom look. The type of trim you choose will determine the best way to place it. You can use a running stitch around the edges or along the bottom or top.

 Curtains can be one of the best ways to transform what looks like boring windows.  Curtains can be one of the best ways to transform what looks like boring windows.

A Touch of Lace

Lace gives your curtains an interesting touch, especially in a room that is blessed with lots of sunlight. Measure the curtains and then buy lace that is cut to the panel measurements. Glue spray can be used to adhere the lace onto the panel backs. Trim your lace so that it meets the curtain hems. For extra security, use matching thread and sew it with your lace tucked under the hems.

 Simple lace can make curtains look elegant, yet understated.  Simple lace can make curtains look elegant, yet understated.

Matching Your Panels and Rods

Your curtain rods may be as important as the curtains themselves. The rods should blend with the curtains, and you can accomplish this by covering the rods with fabric you cut from an extra curtain panel. If you would prefer a contrasting look, you can add a different fabric.

Color Gradation

The specific color gradation trend on your window treatments is easily done with dye in the color of your choice. Place the tops of the curtain panels onto a mop or broom handle and dip them into a container with your choice of dyes. Be sure to have an area where they can be laid out, so that they won’t stain your carpet or floor.

Adding Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are helpful if you want to add movement and depth to your room. If you cannot find any curtains with stripes that appeal to you, you can fake them by using a wide ribbon. Black ribbons work with any color.

Use a level and a yardstick so that you can mark where the curtain will have the ribbons secured.  Attach the ribbons with iron-on adhesive tape or a running stitch. Be sure you tuck the ends of the ribbons under the curtain so that the effect is neat. You can even use different ribbon colours.

Color-Blocked Borders

If you find a fabric that will work well in complementing the existing décor of your room, sew a border of this fabric onto your curtain bottoms. This makes a bold statement and doesn’t take long at all.

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