Stylish ways to save energy all year

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Every time your electricity bill arrives, you may wonder why it’s always so high. Many factors come into play – several of which you probably aren’t even aware of. However, something as small as lamp placement or curtains can make all the difference to your energy usage at home.

Saving energy has many benefits for both you and the environment. You’ll not only save yourself lots of money, but you’ll also help the environment by decreasing emissions. There are many ways you can save energy all year long, and many of them start right at home.

While you can’t visually see and enjoy the addition of insulation, an upgraded heating, ventilation and air con (HVAC) system, and sealed ducts, that doesn’t mean saving energy at home can’t be fun and stylish.

Whether you perform a total home makeover or decide to take it slow and go room by room, there are many stylish ways to save energy all year round. Read on for tips on energy-saving lighting, decor, insulated windows and more!

LED bulbs

This is an easy way to begin saving energy right away, so if you haven’t already switched to LED light bulbs, what are you waiting for? They are the most efficient bulb on the market and have become more and more affordable over time. They also have a longer lifespan, so you won’t have to change them as frequently.

Dimmers are also compatible with most LED bulbs, so you can install them when you make the switch to really get the most out of your LED bulbs. While you may need brighter task lighting while you cook or work at home, you will enjoy the ability to dim your lights when you want to relax and enjoy a movie. You can even make a trip to a local lighting or hardware store, where they can help you find efficient and stylish fixtures that work best with LED bulbs.

Don’t feel like you have to switch out all of your current light bulbs right away because that may be cost-prohibitive. Instead, start replacing bad bulbs with LED bulbs, one by one. You’ll become an LED household before you know it.

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Even your home decor and layout can help save energy. Make sure you don’t place TVs or lamps near thermostats because it can impact the way it measures the temperature of your home. If you have a hot lamp on, your thermostat will think it’s warmer inside than it really is, therefore overworking your system and increasing your electricity bill.

Keep stylish throw blankets around the house so you and anyone else can easily cover up if you feel a little cold, instead of blasting the heat. A bold throw blanket can also add dimension and the perfect pop of colour to almost any room. A chic area rug will insulate hard flooring and keep your feet warm during colder months.

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Paint colours

Seems too basic to make a difference in how much energy you use, but the colours on your walls can affect how much heat is absorbed. The darker the colour, the most heat they will absorb. Lighter colours reflect heat, so you want to pay attention to the direction each room in your home faces, in order to determine the best colour for the walls.

For rooms that face north, opt for deeper and warmer colours because the room likely gets no direct sunlight. Rooms that face west generally get the most heat from the sun, so paint those rooms cooler colours. The colour of a room can affect a person’s perception of temperature, so pay close attention to the paint on your walls and adjust them accordingly.

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Insulated windows

Add insulated windows where you can to save money, but also add style. Without the proper windows for your home, you’re basically throwing away money. Hire an energy professional to perform an energy consumption audit on your home, which can detect any gaps in your windows or doors. Once you find out which leaks are worse than others, you can start replacing those fittings first, then the others down the road.

Also, keep in mind rooms in your home that get the most direct sunlight. It’s crucial that those windows are high performing to keep out heat. There are many framing options, like wood, aluminium and more, so do your research and consider all the factors before making your choice. Depending on your personal style and budget, a material like wood may not be ideal because it requires lots of upkeep.

Ceiling fans

Not only are they energy efficient, but they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, which make for the perfect decoration in any room. Contrary to what many people think, proper use of a ceiling fan can save money on your electricity bill because when in use, you can turn up your air conditioning setting about four degrees and still maintain the same level of comfort. Make sure you turn off ceiling fans when you leave the room. Otherwise, you will waste the energy you were trying to save in the first place.

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Curtains & drapes

Like colour, curtains and drapes also have the power to help influence room temperature. In the wintertime, they keep the cold out and heat in when they are closed, and in the summertime, they keep the warm air out and cold air in. Make sure curtains and drapes are installed as close to the window as possible. They should also fall to the floor for maximum efficiency.

The most energy efficient curtains have a special lining attached to the inside, which results in even lower cooling and heating bills, so invest in them if you can. Either way, adding curtains or drapes to any window will add colour and character to any room in your home, so have fun with it.

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It’s time to ramp up your home’s style and efficiency by incorporating the above tips. Start with the easiest changes – LED bulbs and small decor tweaks, then work your way up to curtains, paint colours, ceiling fans, and insulated windows. It’s not an overnight process, but if you make a point to do a little bit here and there, you’ll eventually transform your home into a more stylish and efficient household.

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