Can Organising Your Home Be Fun?

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Many families live with a new rule – the more fun something is, the more readily it gets done. This applies to many areas of the home, including organisation. If a task is even remotely enjoyable, you and your family will be more likely to tackle it. Many people seek better organisation, but resist the act of starting it, so looking for more interesting ways to organise can be helpful.

Play Up-beat Music

You and your family will be more happy about organising if you play uplifting types of music. Put a music mix together for your MP3 player or iPhone, and then plug them into a stereo system. Crank them up when it’s time to work on organisation, and see if everyone moves even a little bit faster. 

 Playing music and having the right attitude can make cleaning fun. 
Playing music and having the right attitude can make cleaning fun. 

Play “Beat the Clock”

If you set 15 minutes aside each day to de-clutter your home, and time it, you will be amazed at what can be done in such a short time. It’s much easier to organise a home that is kept somewhat de-cluttered on a day-to-day basis. See how many things can be dropped into your de-cluttering box before the timer rings. You can challenge your family to do more the next time you play the game. 

Schedule Frequent Mini-Breaks

When you are organising for longer periods of time than 15 minutes or so, schedule frequent, short breaks, so that you and your family won’t become bored so easily. Spend your short break time looking for new organising ideas online, while enjoying healthy snacks. Perhaps a quick walk will invigorate you and make it easier to get back to de-cluttering your home. 

Track Your Family’s Progress

If you can’t see visual evidence of de-cluttering immediately, it may be helpful to keep track of what you have accomplished. This is especially true for big projects. Tally up the number of boxes or bags that you have removed, and target a goal of things you can donate or recycle. Progress can also be tracked on a calendar, which is more effective if hung somewhere in the home than if you just track progress online. 

Celebrate De-Cluttering Achievements

Take time to celebrate milestones you and your family reach in organisation. They can be large or small; it doesn’t matter. After you have finished de-cluttering one room, or worked for a specific number of minutes every day for a couple weeks, give you and your family a treat. This can mean ice cream for everyone or a spa day for yourself. 

Connect Your Family with Their Goals

Creating a list of the benefits the family will achieve is helpful in becoming more organised. Anytime it seems as though the family enthusiasm is waning, they can picture themselves enjoying all the benefits of a de-cluttered house. They’ll have more room then, for work and play. 

You and your family will have more time to spend with friends, which can lower your stress levels. You’ll also be able to find things much more easily, whenever you need them, once the house is organised. 

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