What cleaning tips do you recommend?

What tips do you suggest to make cleaning fun and simple?
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Sophie Hansen Aug 23, 2019
None of us like the thought of living in a dirty home, but when the word ‘cleaning’ comes to mind it needless to say it isn’t something many of us are found of. No matter how advance we have became a self-cleaning home don't appear to be on the horizon anytime soon. It means you have to take matter into your own hands now. Don’t worry I’m going to share few of my favorite hacks I use to make the cleaning process much easier, and FUN.

Tip 1: Turn the music up loud: Taking the help of some kind of distraction would not hurt. So load your favorite playlist and start cleaning. You can even choose an interesting poadcast instead of music.

Tip 2: Get playful: Cleaning can be used as a great bonding activity when it is done with family and friends. You can play games such as throwing papers in bins or having some kind of competition.

Tip 3: Get into a cleaning routine: If you want to spend less time dilly dallying than it best to plan a weekly routine for cleaning. It will also help you in getting through your job much faster.

Tip 4: Time yourself: Competing with yourself can motivate you to do it faster. Try to decide with a particular time limit and see how much of you stuffs you were able pick up in the allotted time!

Tip 5: Reward yourself: Whether it is a bar of chocolate or your favorite food, has something to treat you so that it can help you get motivated until the end.

Tip 6: Make your own cleaning products: If you are among those who like to experiment than try combining household items and creating your own cleaning solutions.

Note: Be careful when you are using cleaning solutions as can they generate any kind of reaction (good or bad).

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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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