5 handy home organisation tools

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4 min readWhen getting your home in order the last thing you want to do is to go out and spend a lot of money on home storage gimmicks that you never actually use, where you ironically end up with more clutter lying around the house.

Before buying a home organisation tool think about whether the product will actually make your life easier, improve access to your belongings, make your home tidier and be something you’ll continue to use in the long term.

Here are five great home organisation tools that’ll help turn you into a home storage pro and won’t break the bank.

Matching hangers

It may sound silly, but trading in your old wire and mismatched plastic coloured clothes hangers for matching flocked or timber ones can instantly lift the look of your wardrobe. You’ll be surprised by the immediate transformative effect uniform style clothes hangers can have on your closet.

Simply upgrading to matching hangers will turn your closet into a boutique-esque more visually appealing storage area that you’ll love using every day. Instant gratification guaranteed!

Howards Storage World have some sleek cedar timber hangers for $17 or check out Kmarts flocked clothes hangers for $5.

Wrapping paper organisers

Eliminate those frustrating ribbon tangles and crumpled up rolls of wrapping paper knocking about in your hallway cupboard with a wrapping paper organiser.

Most gift wrap organisers incorporate pockets for all your ribbons, cards, tape and scissors, so you’ll have all the wrapping essentials on hand in an instant. There are a number of fabulous gift wrap storage bags on the market starting from as little at $8 on Ebay.

You don’t have to splash out on a purpose made wrapping paper bag to get organised. You could always repurpose a disused suitcase, garment bag or duffle bag as your wrapping storage go-to. Also, try using a paper towel holder to tame your rolls of ribbon and tape.

Best of all you can easily tuck the wrapping paper storage bag away under your bed or in the back of your closet and pull it out onto your dining table, unzip and wrap away whenever you need. You’ll be gift wrapping in record speed in next no time!

 Image: Big W Image: Big W

Bring office accessories into your kitchen

Store flat cooking utensils, baking trays, pot lids and chopping boards within easy reach on a bench top or pot drawer document holder.

Don’t waste money on food saving clips, raid your desk drawer for bulldog clips to re-seal pasta and chip packets after opening.

Metal magazine files are the perfect size for storing your baking paper, foil, sandwich wrap, cook books and cooking magazines. For extra decluttering points, screw the file to the inside of a cabinet door for easy access and to keep bench tops clear.

Pick up some metal magazine files at Officeworks for $8.

 Image: Buzzfeed Image: Buzzfeed

Smart storage for pots and pans

If you struggle to find a matching pot and pot lid midway through your famous lasagne recipe because of hard to reach storage areas, it might be time to consider installing smart sliding and cupboard mounted pot organisers.

Slide out options and door mounted shelving units will save you having to strain and stretch while digging around your kitchen cabinets for your frypan lid.

Check out Bunnings for great slide out and cupboard mounted kitchen organisation units starting from around $60.

 Image: Oddity Mall Image: Oddity Mall

Organise small grooming items with magnetic tape

Add a strip of magnetic tape or a magnetic knife rack to your bathroom cabinet or drawer to keep those pesky little metal items that keep getting lost in the one place. You’ll never lose your tweezers, nail scissors, bobby pins and nail files ever again.

Pick up a sleek stainless steel magnetic knife rack from Ikea for $15.

 Image:  Taylor Martin/CNET Image:  Taylor Martin/CNET

We hope these five handy home storage solutions help you to combat the clutter in your home. For more ways to get organised at your place check out these tips on how to cut down clutter and stay clutter free at home.

Happy house hunting!

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