Top storage solutions for your luxury home.

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6 min readRegardless of whether your luxurious home involves building a mansion on a giant block of land, or creating a simple place that you can define as ‘home’ – we all crave a sense of space. Even in the largest of houses, homeowners still want as much storage as they can get tailored specifically to their own individual needs.

Smartly sophisticated storage solutions are as essential to your luxury home design as floor plans and the finishing touches are.  There’s a fine line between functional storage spaces that are well-designed to keep those unused, treasured items out of sight yet easily accessible. We check out a few elegant solutions you can incorporate into your custom-built luxury home.

1. Fit for a Queen

There’s something wonderfully luxurious about an open space bedroom that flows into a large walk-in-robe. Not only is it every ladies’ dream (and a critical addition to meet her needs!) but as far as sensible storage solutions go, it’s definitely up there.

Smartly designed walk-in-robes provide the ultimate bedroom storage. It’s necessary for the relaxed and inviting dynamics of the bedroom – not just for the queen’s excessive clothes and shoes collection! When a functional walk-in-robe is in place, big enough for the needs of the people living in that room, the bedroom is less likely to look chaotic and a better sense of space and freedom is encouraged.

One of the best parts about building your own luxurious home is that you don’t have to squeeze all your belongings into a tiny, unfulfilled closest.  With the storage space of walk-in-robes, not only can you organise your own mountain of shoes, clothes and accessories but there’s enough space for your partner’s belongings or to store other non-essential items away for yourself. There’s no such thing as too much room in a walk-in-robe, every girl will agree.

2. The Garage and ‘Man Caves’ 

But we can’t forget the man of the house either, who too craves space and a sense of order in his home. This is where the garage – or man caves – comes into play. Whilst the garage can seem like a cluttered mess of tools and manly items imperative to the bloke of the house, there are smart solutions for you to both have your own way.

The garage isn’t just an ideal undercover parking spot so your hair doesn’t get wet in the rain; it’s a storage unit for all the gardening items and sports gear too. If you have a family, the garage can turn into a jumbled mess of tools, toys and bikes in only a matter of days. The solution? Overhead storage and slat walls are generally the easiest way to go. Suspended shelving along the walls and above the garage door can help to double your space, and slat walls will provide different hoots and shelves customised to hang bikes, gardening equipment and tools. Built-in cabinets and pegboards can be useful for workspaces and organisation too.

If you have the budget and high ceilings for it, building a loft into smaller garages can be a resourceful way to create a sense of space as well. It’ll probably give your man an excuse to create a man cave up there too but hey, at least the tool clutter and sports memorabilia will be out the way, right!?

3. A Chef’s Paradise

There’s no denying the kitchen really is the heart of the home and consequently, adequate space and storage is vital. It doesn’t matter whether you like to whip up 3-course meals every day or a quick dinner bite before you rush off to meet friends – homeowners want a kitchen that feels like they are the next Jamie Oliver.

The kitchen is a busy place – especially for families, so you want to create a space that is highly functional, safe and enhances the overall design. It’s the one room that needs to be loaded with the latest appliances; enough crockery for those dinner parties and a smart design that’s fit for entertaining yet practical enough so little hands can’t dig out the dangers.

No homeowners want a kitchen that’s chaotic and unworkable. Not only does it make cooking a chore, but’s it’s a dreaded headache that can easily be avoided. Smart solutions like kitchen islands can be a stunning way to enhance the space and provide additional features like extra bench space and a separate sink most homeowners crave.

Kitchen islands give families a practical way to seat the kids down at breakfast in the form of breakfast bar islands, or offer couples enough space so they can both be preparing meals. Most styles come complete with cupboards underneath for extra storage and organisation, and a wine rack for those extra bottles. Kitchen islands can be designed almost any way and shape to suit your personal and entertaining needs, from elaborate built-in-booths to two-level designs.

For a kitchen to be a room you enjoy being in, it needs to have the essentials – a large enough fridge, a smaller wine or beer fridge, enough space for a dishwasher and microwave to be tucked out the way and of course…space. Oversized pantries designed much like a walk-in-robe make it ideal to keep cleaning products and food away from children’s reach, but easily accessible to make dinner time less stressful.

4. For the Workaholic

You don’t need to work from home to need a study. Maybe it’s to sort out the financial filing of the home, encourage the kids to get their homework done without turning on the TV or to get some last minute work done before Monday. Whatever the reason, a study needs to be relaxed and coordinated to be an effective space.

Make use of wall space for bookshelves and include an organised desk with heaps of drawer space. If you are working from home, additional drawers will probably be necessary along with adequate desk room. To give the space a luxurious touch, opt for built-in cabinetry that can be customised and finished to suit your own personal tastes and requirements.

5. Small Spaces and Busy Locations 

Small and busy spaces tend to be some of the hardest to get in order storage wise, but they are the most important. If your laundry is lacking in size, you can make up for it by stacking the dryer on top of the washer, or getting the dryer bolted to the wall. The size of your laundry can be easily underestimated so if you’re still in the early stages of designing your home – bigger is better.

Again, making use of the wall space is vital – especially if you have children that could get into the cleaning products. Make separating clothes easier with labelled baskets and use the wall to add a small pop-out laundry line for easy drying indoors. Instead of commercial packaging, opting for glass jars can look pleasing to the eye and create a much more uniformed feel to the room rather than cluttered chaos. If your laundry is big enough, you can use the kitchen island idea. Laundry islands can be a fantastic way to add extra bench space for folding clothes and to store items underneath.

For bathrooms, change the dynamics to the space by have two sinks to offer more bench space and can leave room for above-the-counter storage where necessary.  For a luxurious touch, include a fancy flip-down cabinet door which can be used as a makeup station or extra storage.

The concepts for smart storage solutions are endless and you can let your imagination run wild with the opportunities. A taste of luxury should be about having a space that feels and looks well-organised, encouraging more time for relaxation and entertaining.

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