Storage Ideas for Thrifty Homeowners

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Home storage will be most effective when you are first able to determine, honestly, what you can throw away, recycle or donate. You don’t need to throw everything away – much of what you have is actually needed and used. Utilising several simple strategies will allow you to open up enough storage space in your home to keep it looking sharp. 

Maximize Home Storage Efficiency

You may have more storage in your home than you think, even if you have things stuffed into unused corners or drawers. If you use storage space properly, you will have even more room, and things will be arranged so that you can actually find them when you need them. 

Bedroom closets often have unused storage space. Storage rods and closet organisers can give you up to double the useable space in your closet. 

Increase Home Storage Capacity

If you don’t have enough storage space, or aren’t using it properly, you can increase the space you have available. Small kitchens will benefit from tall cabinets. Bedrooms can use more storage space, too. Check for any open space you have that will allow you to install some type of cabinetry for storage, or for stacking storage bins. 

Built-in or wall cabinets are a relatively inexpensive project for your home. If you’re handy, or you know someone who is, a cabinet is not as costly as you might think. If you need a new bed in any bedroom, consider purchasing a platform storage bed. They enhance the appearance of the bedroom and create a lot of extra storage space. 

You don’t really need to use your house if you’re storing items that are not fragile. Adding a small storage shed in your back yard or renovating your garage can add storage space that doesn’t have to compete with the space inside your house. Again, a handyman – or woman – can build an inexpensive shed for storage purposes. 

 Building in storage units can be a great way to save space, this can also be a really cost effective way to prevent the need for external storage. 
Building in storage units can be a great way to save space, this can also be a really cost effective way to prevent the need for external storage. 

Moving Things within Your Home

Small kitchens are excellent choices for reorganization. Kitchen carts allow you to wheel in items you need, only when you need them. Microwaves and blenders can be kept in adjacent areas when they are not being used. In fact, some kitchen items are used so little that they can be stored outside the kitchen or even in the basement. 

Your bedroom can become a more efficient storage area if you can free up some space in your closet. Sentimental items that are right now cluttering your living room, family room, or entryway can be moved into bedroom closets for easier access and to keep them out of the way of everyday life. 

Move Things outside Your Home

Storage units are not cheap, but if you are staging a home for sale or your teenager is moving out and has too much to take with them, they may be the best choice. These work particularly well for larger items that are not used often. Ask yourself first if you could donate them or throw them away. 

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