How to create a pet-friendly home… and keep it stylish!

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3 min readPets are one of the best things you can have in your home. They give the place a great environment and can be great companions for you and your family. However, the question remains as to how you can optimise your home so your pet is happy and you are not inhibited.

Research has shown that owners of pets classify them as family members 90% of the time, therefore ensuring that your pets are happy is essential to keeping your family environment balanced.

Across Australia, South Australian’s were the most likely to allow pets inside rental properties, with 25% of vendors not having an issue with this. Victoria was also incredibly pet- friendly, allowing 24% of owners being more than happy to welcome in furry creatures. 23% of New South Wales, 23% of Queensland and 22% of Western Australia residents were all happy to welcome in pets to their rental properties.

Hopefully these tips help you in your quest to make a pet-friendly home!

Set up allocated zones: 

It’s important from the outset you know your pet will require certain things, (to go to the toilet, exercise, sleep etc) Therefore, having select zones in your home so your pet can do all of these activities is essential. If your dog is going to sleep inside, then having a bed, a little bit away from yours and with easy access to a swinging door so they can go to the bathroom is a good idea. Once your pet knows what happens where, it is easier to predict their behaviour. This will mean they will be better behaved and you will know how much attention you should pay to them when they are in certain areas of the house.

Make bathroom areas very obvious:  

One of the most important things for pets is that they know when and where they can go to the toilet. Allowing for these designated areas will make your pet feel more comfortable and prevent you from getting angry if they decide to go to the toilet somewhere they shouldn’t. Cornering off sections of the house you know will be problematic if your pet goes to the toilet there is a good idea. This way, if there is an accident, it is easily cleaned up and not too big a drama.

Keeping your pets clean is one of the best ways to ensure your home also stays clean!

Have safe, cornered off areas: 

Certain sections of a home pose more danger to your pet than others. If your pet sleeps outside, ensuring that all holes are filled in and gates are secure is essential to keep your pet safe. Cornering off areas can be as simple as putting a temporary barricade in for sleep time. A barricade can work well to keep your pet in their designated sleeping areas outside, and also to train them that there are certain areas that they shouldn’t go.

How to make it stylish: 

Whilst it’s great to make a home pet friendly, it is important to keep it stylish. At the end of the day, a home is a place you come to after a long day that you should be comfortable in. Therefore, there are some interior decisions you can make that will improve the aesthetics of your home whilst you try to make it pet friendly.

The couch is king: When looking for furniture, one of the most important pieces you will buy will be your couch. A couch is where you and your pet will most likely hang out. Whilst some people are against allowing pets on the couch, if you buy a couch that caters to pets and is easily cleaned there should be no issues. The most ideal fabric for a pet friendly couch is micro-fibre, it is easily cleaned and versatile.

Keep it clean: One of the most important investments you can make when you get a pet is a good vacuum. A vacuum will keep the dust at bay and also get rid of any stray hairs that go missing. Doing this often will prevent dust building up, and hair going all over the place.

Have pet accessories match the house: One way you can keep your home clean and also in line with your pet is to have elements of your pets accessories match your house. A lot of people neglect the design process when they select pet products, they then come in to the house and look out of place. Therefore, thinking about where the objects will sit and if they match the interior design is essential for cohesion in the house.

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