Hottest bathroom trend predictions for 2021

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hottest bathroom trends 2021 backlit circle mirror
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Let’s face it – 2021 is a year most of the world has welcomed with open arms. 2020 was a particularly challenging year globally and saw many of us spending more time at home. As a result of living through a pandemic, we have become more aware of cleanliness and hygiene – particularly in our homes and bathrooms. With the birth of 2021 providing a fresh start, expect bathroom interiors to trend towards easy to clean surfaces and antimicrobial features.

hottest bathroom trends 2021 backlit circle mirror
13 Duneview Drive, Ocean Grove VIC

With this in mind, we are always careful to recommend trends which will not be at risk of going out of style in the coming decade. At AAG Constructions, we work closely with architects and interior designers familiar with hot trends that last, and ones that do not. 

Below we have compiled a list of our bathroom trend predictions for 2021.

The hottest bathroom trend of 2021


Wood has previously been a material which was sparsely used in bathrooms; however, we have seen an increase in timber being used by designers for various features throughout bathrooms including benchtops, small shelves, vanities, timber walls and floors and even cedar bathtubs! Previously wood was overlooked when considering bathroom materials. However, wood can bring a bathroom a sense of homeliness and warmth and looks particularly beautiful when paired with the right bathroom tiles and benchtops.

If considering using wood in your bathroom renovation, it is essential to consider where you would like the wood to be featured and what other materials might complement it. Remember that if you are considering wood for your bathroom (particularly for the floors or walls) you will want to ensure adequate ventilation to avoid slipping and wood swelling (although there is a wide range of sealants now which can protect wooden features from damage).

hottest bathroom trends 2021 timber vanity
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Smart toilets

Considering the pandemic we have lived and continue to live through bathroom trends are starting to reflect hygienic functionality which previously was often overlooked. Toilets are the most unhygienic space due to being a high touchpoint in the home and often challenging (and unpleasant) to clean. 

Smart toilets are seeing a massive rise in popularity in 2021 and provide an excellent way to eliminate one high touch surface. They can include features like soft closing lids and seats and touch free flushing. Another element to keep an eye out for is self-cleaning technology such as bacteria-killing sanitising lights.

hottest bathroom trends 2021 smart toilet

Gold metals

We’re seeing an increase in the use of gold fixtures and fittings and anticipate that this trend is here to stay. Gold metals look incredible when paired with a wide variety of materials including wood, concrete, tiles and stone and can make a simple bathroom look luxurious, updated and refined. Gold metals can also create a softness when paired with colours like pastels and create a mood of effortless elegance. We don’t think you can go wrong with this trend for 2021.

hottest bathroom trends 2021 gold tapware
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Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets

Backlighting is a great way to create ambience in a bathroom without added reflective glare. If installed with a dimming feature (which we recommend on all lighting, especially in a bathroom), backlights can double as a nightlight. This is another trend which we anticipate seeing more of in 2021 as many people are looking for simple ways to bring creativity and calm to their bathroom space.

A backlight creates a ‘glowing’ or ‘floating’ effect which can be a beautiful design feature and can act as a bathroom feature; while also highlighting the textures behind the cabinet or merely creating a focal point in the bathroom.

bathroom trends 2021 timber
4/69 Francis Street, Bondi Beach NSW


Lush greenery is a trend that we saw on the rise in 2020, as people spent more time at home and a trend that we will see continuing well into the future. Plants in a bathroom can bring a sense of liveliness and vitality where people are often in solitude. They also foster that a sense of blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living and can be easily interchanged depending on the season. You can draw from your creative side and trial different plant sizes, colours and pots – let the creative juices flow!

hottest bathroom trends 2021 plants
7 Normanby St, Brighton VIC

Whether you are spending more time working from home, looking to renovate or buy a new property, it can help to have a guide for the hottest bathroom trends of 2021. 

Moving forward to a fresh year with the remnants of a pandemic lingering, we anticipate an ongoing trend towards blurring the line between interior and exterior spaces; as people spend more time working from home.

Keep in mind that while some trends come and go from year to year, the above trends are ones which we anticipate will ensure that your home renovation will remain fresh and stylish for years to come.

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