Top bathroom trends of 2019

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6 min readThe design trends of 2019 have resulted in colourful and unique bathrooms popping up across the country. With a focus on statement pieces, use of colour and the desire to create a beautiful and functional space (even in a tiny powder room) the bathroom trends of 2019 have resulted in some beautiful, unique and bold rooms.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite bathroom design trends of 2019, check them out below.

The 8 best bathroom decor trends of 2019

Statement wallpaper

When used in bathrooms and powder rooms, wallpaper can have a huge design impact due to its ability to inject colour, shapes, textures and mood into a room.

Bold colours and high contrasting designs have been a popular option for bathroom wall coverings in 2019, especially in smaller spaces such as powder rooms.

With the range on offer today, there’s no shortage of design options, textures, patterns and colours to choose from. If you’re thinking of using wallpaper in your bathroom you should check the adhesive and installation guidelines to ensure that the moisture and humidity of a bathroom environment won’t cause it to peel off.

If you want to use wallpaper in your new bathroom have a chat to your new home builder or the builder in charge of your renovation about how you can incorporate this trend in your home.

bathroom trends green wallpaper
Image: Pulp Design Studios

Coloured sinks

Choosing a washbasin or sink is an important decision, as it will be one of the most frequently used items in your bathroom. Navigating a sea of white in the hope to find a sink that combines maximum functionality with your desired design aesthetic can be a challenge, however not impossible thanks to the introduction of cloured sinks.

No longer confined to putting colour on the walls or floors, coloured sinks and baths have presented an exciting new way to inject colour into your design. While coloured bathtubs can be on the pricey side, they’re currently very popular with designers, especially overseas.

Coloured sinks have been popular as they allow you to take from this trend without breaking the bank. Coloured sinks are most commonly made from concrete however ceramic options are available for a higher price.

top bathroom trends 2019
449 Glenwood Road, Relbia, TAS


Following on from concrete sinks, concrete, in general, has been trending in 2019. No longer seen as a budget basic or construction product, concrete has been appearing in a wide range of interior products and is loved by many designers, new home builders, homeowners and occupants.

Concrete adds a minimalistic sophistication to any space, providing instant design impact and a shift in ambience. Used primarily in floors and walls, concrete has also been used for sinks, bathtubs and decor pieces with the smaller elements offering a textural contrast to more traditional finishes. If you are considering installing concrete flooring check out our guide to find out what is involved in maintaining polished concrete.

Top bathroom trends 2019 concrete
180 Oxley Drive, Mittagong, NSW

Using marble as art

Book-matched marble and other abstract looking marble pieces have been making a comeback during 2019.

Rather than the traditional plain marble which has been used in bathrooms and kitchens since anyone can remember, designers and home builders have been opting for more interesting and art like statement pieces in their bathrooms which have resulted in some truly unique and stunning results.

When designing your bathroom, using beautiful surfaces such as an interesting piece of marble acts as an artistic statement and can replace the need for other artwork or other design details.

bathroom trends 2019 marble as art
225 Lawrence Street, Alexandria, NSW

Dark colours

Dark bathrooms and powder rooms have been trending this year as people move away from the white on white day spa aesthetic that we’ve come to know and love over the last couple of years.

Wanting a more indulgent bathroom experience at home, homeowners are now opting for darker coloured walls, floors, tubs, toilets, fixtures and decor in order to achieve a high end feel.

If you don’t have the confidence to go the whole way, perhaps try darkening certain aspects such as the walls or the floor. Alternatively, you could try working some black elements into your bathroom by adding a statement piece such as a standalone black bathtub, toilet, showerhead or even some towels and accessories.

bathroom trends 2019 darker colours
449 Glenwood Road, Relbia, TAS


Terrazo is a durable man-made composite material that’s been making waves in the bathroom design community this year.

Terrazzo has been around for a couple of centuries and is most well known for being used to create the Hollywood Walk Of Fame stars, however, the material is making a comeback which can be seen in 2019 bathroom design.

Now trending in residential bathroom and kitchen design, terrazzo offers the opportunity to add texture and colour to a space or surface while keeping a cool concrete industrial feel.

As the material creates a busy look, it’s recommended to pair terrazzo with plain or natural materials to achieve balance.

Thanks to new developments in adhesive, it’s possible to lay terrazzo anywhere in your home, including the ceiling.

bathroom trends 2019 terrazzo
115 Kennedy Terrace, Paddington, QLD

Alternative finish tapware

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in bathroom design over the last couple of years has been the evolution of alternative tapware and fixtures. No longer limited to the traditional polished chrome, homeowners now have a wide range of options to choose from.

In 2019 we’re moving away from the sleek and shiny silver as many new products are becoming available offering a range of colours such as gold, rose gold, pewter, gunmetal and black. This includes taps, handles, showerheads and hardware.

Not limited to colour, the fixtures and hardware trending and available on the market today offer an opportunity to play with texture thanks to the range of brushed, metallic and matte finishes.

Exposed plumbing

Bathroom design in 2019 has been increasingly leaning towards exposed plumbing, with the most popular example being the exposed pipe shower head.

Exposed plumbing provides the opportunity to inject personality into the bathroom thanks to the range of design choices, colours and finishes available. These choices will impact the end look of your bathroom and can be a great tool to help you achieve the desired result. Typically, black or matte finishes provide a clean and minimal look.

Gold-toned finishes are decidedly more luxe, while copper tones introduce a retro or old-world feel. The style, colour and design of your exposed plumbing will need to be chosen based on the overall look or vibe of the room.

bathroom trends 2019 exposed plumbing
9 Reynolds Avenue, Rozelle, NSW

There are some great design ideas around at the moment, and some are easier or more cost-effective to do than others. It’s important to ensure that your bathroom design meets your needs of functionality and personal style.

Design decisions about your bathroom should be made before the building or renovation process begins.

If you’re building a new home, your builder should have a special part of their planning process dedicated to selecting colours, finishes and upgrades. If you would like to work in some current trends it’s a good idea to bring along articles like this to discuss what trends can be accommodated within your budget.

Contract home builders can bring you a quality home at very reasonable rates, however not every idea or style can be accommodated within a standard package.

Of course, if you are custom building then there are no limits on your creativity and the number of trends you can incorporate into your home.

However, Neale Whittaker from The Block says it best: ‘I’m not the biggest fan of trends. Individuality is far more interesting! The trick is to mix it up and blend them with new colours and textures. Remember that a little marble and a little grey go a long way.’

While trends are great to pull inspiration from, the reality is that your new home or renovation isn’t going to be jam-packed with all of them. It’s important to mix the current trends with your own personal style, budget and resources.

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