How to get 5 more years out of your bathroom

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2 min readRenovations don’t come cheap but there is some good news – with a few minor cosmetic enhancements, you may be able to delay the expense of a new bathroom and happily live with your existing one a few years longer. Here are four ways to extend the life of this important room in the house.

1. Regrout & replace the silicone.

Grotty grout between tiles and discoloured silicone around the basin and shower screen can make a bathroom look and feel far from fresh, but this is a problem easily solved. A grout pen can whiten grimy grout lines in a flash. For grout that’s cracked or crumbling, get rid of it with a grout removal tool (available from hardware stores) and replace it with fresh white, grey or black grout. It’s an easy DIY job that packs a visual punch and prevents damaging leaks. Replacing the silicone along joins is simple too – Houzz bathroom pros recommend using painter’s tape for extra neat lines.

2. Paint the tiles.

Tile paint can be applied directly over existing paint and tiles, making a dated bathroom beautiful again. The Houzz community tells us they love white bathrooms just as much as ever, so white tile paint is a safe bet. As well as brightening up the space, white bathrooms look fresh and clean, a major aim for homeowners wanting to renovate.

3. Focus on key elements.

If there’s one bathroom feature that irks you above the others, consider replacing it. If the vanity drives you mad, for example, swapping it with one that provides the extra storage and functionality you’ve been missing could transform your whole bathroom experience. The latest Houzz and Home report tells us that the average bathroom renovation costs $11,900 – upgrading the vanity is a far cheaper alternative. The shower screen is another game changer for a bathroom that’s seen better days, and could a new showerhead enhance your morning ablutions?

4. Do a mini-makeover.

Ratty old towels and bath mats do little to make a bathroom enticing, but there’s no need to spend up big to replace them – quality textiles are easy to come by at relatively low prices. If you have a shower curtain in your bathroom, what kind of state is it in? Replacing a grubby shower curtain can be an effective bathroom fix. Next, add a plant or two in a size that suits the space. A little greenery can breathe some welcome new life into a tired space.

Hire a professional for your next project

We hope these four tactics help you to breath new life into your bathroom and put off the expensive reno a while longer.

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Joanna Tovia

Joanna Tovia is Houzz Australia Contributor and freelance journalist specialising in interiors, travel and social issues. See more:

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