10 pieces of furniture that’ll never go out of style

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6 min readFurnishing your home, whether it’s a new house or your existing one, can be a daunting task.

So, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Tracey Bright an Interior Designer at Brosa Furniture to share her favourite timeless furniture items worth investing in that’ll serve you well for years to come.

31 Eton Road, Lindfield, NSW


1. Chesterfield sofa

This is the most obvious choices in my eyes. This is not just a sofa, but a historical work of art. Chesterfield sofas dominate the sofa industry, with their deep buttons, rolled armrests, antique brass studs and masculine presence.

The design can be matched with multiple interior style trends. Choose one in a vintage cigar leather, and pair it with some ‘faded and degraded’ pieces to create a gentleman’s speakeasy vibe. Alternatively, pick a soft, natural linen upholstery to create a Hamptons haven. Add luxurious velvet to the masterpiece to create an opulent, extravagant, statement piece fit for a king.

Image: Brosa, Camden Chesterfield Leather 3.5 Seater Sofa


2. Chaise lounge

A chair that is long enough to support your legs AND the test of time. Originating in Egyptian times and progressing with the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the chaise lounge was typically used to provide horizontal comfort whilst socialising. In modern culture, it is traditionally associated with neoclassical French-style boudoirs.

Today, due to the functional nature of the chair, it should be placed in areas of the home that encourage relaxation and leisure, such as the bedroom, sunroom or reading room. It’s also a popular choice for a psychiatrist’s office.

image: Brosa, Philippe Chaise Lounge


3. Square Louis XVI chair

There is something incredibly sophisticated and geometrically perfect about the square Louis XVI chair. The strong lines of the frame combined with the elaborate ornamentation of the timber and the soft fabric seat make it a perfectly proportioned creation.

There is an element of grace and charm to this chair. Generally, this design will tie in beautifully with many interior styles – depending on the finish you choose. A varnished frame tends to sit best within a traditional or Victorian style home, whereas a weathered-looking beech timber model lends itself to a Hamptons or French Provincial look. The seats can be upholstered in almost any material to help it fit into the appropriate setting.

Image: Brosa, Petite Fleur Dining Chairs


4. Tufted bedhead

The diamond pattern, button-tufted bedhead has been around since the 17th century. It considers both genders with its a strong yet soft elegant look. Just like the chesterfield, it’s utterly timeless. It’s simple yet effective design works well with most interior trends. It can be upholstered in many different materials, such as linen, velvet, silk, leather or suede to suit your taste.

46A Regent Street, Elsternwick, VIC


This detailed bedhead tends to steal the limelight within a bedroom – especially if it’s a bold colour. Try a softer neutral shade to suppress its dominance, or a vintage leather to give it an industrial/rustic twist.

Image: Brosa, Stella Tall King Size Bed Head


5. Oriental rug

Although not strictly a piece of furniture, rugs are a crucial piece that should not be overlooked when furnishing your space.

There is no rug style more classic and timeless than oriental. The regal look evokes timelessness, interest and creativity. Authentic oriental rugs are hand-knotted in the Middle East and Asia, where their history dates to the 1800s.

Depending on the colour combination, these rugs can fit into any interior scheme; with the popular ‘faded and degraded’ style being introduced to industrial settings. Oriental rugs are fantastic for heavy traffic areas of the home; the multiple colours and intricate patterns create a great resistance to showing stains and wear. A rug ties a space together, anchors furniture, provides warmth and visual interest to a room. This classic trend won’t be going away anytime soon.

Image: Broas, Saser Large Wool Rug


6. Club chair

This French design was originally called ‘fauteuil confortable’ meaning ‘the comfortable chair’, which is exactly why it has been around for so long and continues to sell well. Although a feature chair should look good, people want to feel good sitting in it too.

Traditionally this chair is seen in leather, however, it’s becoming more and more popular to dress this little gem in colourful or patterned upholstery. It’s a favourite for man caves, games rooms or spaces that desire a relaxed feel.

Image: Brosa, Philosopher Chair


7. Wingback armchair

The wingback armchair first appeared in 17th century England. Typically, this chair would be found close to the fireplace for people to curl up and get warm in. Its high back and curved sides were intended to protect against cold drafts, and trap the heat within the area.

This chair has become increasingly popular as a feature within a large living room, a carver chair at the head of a dining table, a reading chair within a library, or a nursery chair within a kid’s room. The wingback can be adapted to many styles and continues to be a popular piece in stylish homes.

For sale: 22 Quinton Road, Manly, NSW


8. Ottoman

Round, square, rectangular, tall, small, tufted and storage, these are just a few types of ottomans on offer. These wonderful pieces of furniture are traditionally used for putting your feet up when sitting on a sofa or armchair.

Today, it has a more multi-functional purpose. It can be used as a footrest, a coffee table or an extra perch to sit when guests come over. The bigger the better for most people. This object is also a great way to introduce some colour into your space, without bringing in too much. Match it with the cushions on your sofa, the art on your wall or even your rug to create a perfectly balanced space.

For sale: 4 Washington Street, Toorak, VIC

9. Rocking chair

Possibly a little unexpected in this list, however, the rocking chair deserves some credit. It is said that the first rocking chair was invented by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century. Since then, there have been many developments in both structure and design. Like many items on this list, it can be finished in many ways to give it a unique look.

Quite often associated with parenting and soothing children, the rocking chair is the perfect addition to a nursery, porch or child’s bedroom. It can often be found near windows overlooking beautiful scenery, or in the corner of the TV room as an accent piece. The novelty of a rocking chair ceases to wear thin. The curved wooden legs allow the occupant to rock back and forth in a relaxing manner.

Image: Brosa, Betty Rocking Chair


10. Trestle dining table

Trestle dining tables were originally created in the Middle Ages to allow for people to entertain their guests to their fullest. Dinner would be served upon the solid timber frame, which would then be folded away straight after the meal so guests could use the space as a dance floor. Sadly, this function rarely still exists, but the stylish form still lives on.

Trestle tables tend to look their best styled within a traditional interior, however, people are beginning to introduce them into their Hamptons and French Provincial homes too. They look stunning when paired with an elegant scoop back dining chair – particularly ones that are upholstered.

Image: Brosa, Chelsea Trestle Dining Table


We hope these 10 classic pieces of furniture will help to put you on your way to creating a stylish and timeless interior of your own.

For more furniture ideas take a look at these five must-have items of furniture, our patio furniture buying guide and how to choose the right TV cabinet.

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Tracey Bright
Tracey Bright is Brosa’s very own Interior Designer. She spends her days inspiring and motivating her clients to create their perfect home. Her greatest passion is to convert a confused mind into a self-assured consciousness.

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  1. This seems to me to be a list of the most old fashioned out of date pieces of furniture imaginable! The only one I agree with it the oriental rug and maybe the trestle table, but the chesterfield? And the chaise lounge??? And those huge bedheads, who wants an ugly bedhead to dominate their bedroom? Today’s furniture is minimalist and doesn’t dominate a room.

  2. Great Post…! I like your living room decoration tips and ideas in your post. This is a very helpful post for my living room decor. Especially I like your sofa bed and rocking chair decoration tips and ideas. Thi is unique designs feel so good. I am full of inspiring now. I love your post. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing your post.


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