How to nail Hamptons style home decor

Kacey Mya
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Airy, sophisticated, classic and soothing are a few words that come to mind when thinking of homes in the famous beachside suburbs of The Hamptons in Long Island, New York.

The artful blend of relaxing in luxury of Hamptons style has soared in popularity in recent years amongst home styling rookies and pro interior designers alike.

No matter where you are in the world, you deserve to feel like you’re relaxing seaside and sipping on a cocktail amongst all your favourite things. Here’s how to nail Hamptons style when decorating your home.

 For sale: 50 Franklin Road, Portsea, VIC For sale: 50 Franklin Road, Portsea, VIC

1. Use a calming blue & white palette.

Blues and whites add calm and sophistication to sleeping and living room spaces. You can build up your use of colour by starting with a simple white palette. Next, layer on colour, textures and patterns using plump cushions, throws and accessories. This will contribute to a luxurious, welcoming and comfortable feeling.

Think coastally-inspired but focus on your favourite shades of blue. Greys and other neutrals (think sandy creams and beige) work well with a coastal inspired Hamptons theme, but feel free to emphasise greys if you want to strengthen elements of an industrial-meets-Hamptons look. Avoid using cliched nautical decor accessories like anchors and sailboats to add interest and colour. This will help to keep your look as refined and elegant as possible.

 For sale: 1889 Pittwater Road, Bayview, NSW For sale: 1889 Pittwater Road, Bayview, NSW

2. Start with the entryway.

Your entryway sets the tone and mood for the other spaces in your home and starting with the decor in this small space offers an affordable way to establish a positive first impression for guests. You’ll also feel instantly relaxed as you enter your home.

Subtly capture Hamptons style in your entry by focusing on neutrals and adding a hint of oceanic blue in the accents. Give natural warmth to your room by installing timber sideboard as a focal point. Imagine a natural wood table with a simple, classic lamp, greenery in a sophisticated vase and woven baskets for organisation.

What about the blues? Insert the blues in drapery, a plush upholstered armchair, an area rug, a piece of art or in your hallway trim.

 4 Angel Place, Forestville, NSW 4 Angel Place, Forestville, NSW

3. Opt for natural fibres.

Picture living seaside. You walk along the shore of a private beach to relax after a long day, and observations of driftwood, waves tumbling to shore and sounds of beachgrass rustling in the breeze soothes your soul. These natural elements, when dried out, could make a beautiful basket or be crafted into a driftwood sculpture — but no one has time for that.

Bring natural fibres of coastal areas into the home to cultivate a serene mood. Use rattan baskets for storage kept conveniently in plain sight. What about placing a natural wood divider to break up a large space? Other touches of woven fibres, wicker and natural woods placed throughout the home extend this accessibly chic and relaxed theme.

 For sale: 48 Markwell Street, Hamilton, QLD For sale: 48 Markwell Street, Hamilton, QLD

Consider using a bamboo mat to bring together a large outdoor living space. Look for high-quality bamboo materials which are kiln-dried and enable resistance to warping and cracking. Heavy furniture can go right on top. These rugs aren’t as fragile as you may think — bamboo mats can survive all the wear and tear of even the most active families and heavily trafficked zones. Plus, it helps that they’re stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Natural fibres are wonderful because of their neutral and raw state they don’t clash with anything and never date. They portray a modest, subtle and classic look, whether you want to go bohemian or Hamptons-style there’s sure to be a natural fibre furniture item to suit!

 For sale: 50 Franklin Road, Portsea, VIC For sale: 50 Franklin Road, Portsea, VIC

4. Use flashy metals sparingly.

To emphasize sophistication in your home, keep the flashy and blingy metals in the cupboard or attic. Use metallics and metals, themselves, sparingly.

Imagine a living room with white walls and powder blue upholstered chairs. Place a small table with this same powder blue top between the chairs, and witness the gold geometric legs glimmer subtly with the rising morning sun.

Let brass light fixtures, unique appliances and other accents make their statements in subtle ways among the soothing white and blue palette you’ve created.

 For sale: 48 Markwell Street, Hamilton, QLD For sale: 48 Markwell Street, Hamilton, QLD

5. Tie it together & personalise with art.

For ages, art provided a mode of expression and space for being, and art continues to add aesthetic and personality to one’s interior style. Continue the blues, whites and neutrals into your choice of art, or you could go bold cobalt blue and geometric.

Consider lining your walls with Picasso’s blue period art, from 1901 to 1903, where the artist painted life’s struggles in monochromatic blue. A rose period followed this, and Picasso is an example of a master artist with diverse bodies of art to include in your home. You may also prefer to display the works of your family, friends or those of local artists.

 4 Angel Place, Forestville, NSW 4 Angel Place, Forestville, NSW

Decorating your home in Hamptons style doesn’t have to be expensive or tricky. Take these five tips and find your aesthetic bliss among, blues and whites, neutrals, natural fibres, subtle uses of metals and expressive artwork.

Kacey Mya
Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. Follow Kacey on Twitter and subscribe to her blog to keep up with her travels and inspiring posts!

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