Which flowers will make my open house visitors EXCITED this spring?

Mercedes Sarmini
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Fresh cut flowers speak volumes when it comes to styling your home and successfully staging a property for sale or lease.

You may not realise it, but the sight and scent of cut flowers impact your mental health, the energy of your home and are instrumental in creating good feng shui.

Whether you’re wanting to make your home more appealing to buyers and renters or simply want to introduce more fresh flower arrangements into your home décor this season, I’ve included the best floral options to use, as well as the best places for them and care tips to keep your beautiful blooms looking beautiful for longer.

Read on to discover my seven favourite cut flowers to style your spaces happy this spring.

best flowers for spring staging living room
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The 7 best cut flowers for staging your home in spring

1. Dahlia.

Available in a range of dramatic shapes and colours, dahlias are an ideal candidate for making a bold, empowered and energetic statement when styling your home in the springtime. They are a versatile bloom and will look best in your lounge room, bedroom, hallway or study.

Take care to avoid positioning your dahlias in direct sunlight, and they like it nice and cool. Maximise their vase life by cutting their stems and passing them over an open flame, then place stems into warm water and leave in a cool dark place overnight.

best flowers spring home style dahlia

2. Bird of paradise.

With distinctive orange and blue leaves, bird of paradise is an exciting choice of cut flower that introduces an exotic warmth and exuberance to interiors. As they are a tropical species, they are suited to a warm environment such as a sunroom or west-facing living room.

Add flower food to your bird of paradise vase water and be careful not to split their stems to give their lifespan a boost. They will do best away from cooling units and if vase water is replaced every three days.

best flowers home staging bird of paradise

3. Pineapple lily.

Named after their unique pineapple-shape, the pineapple lily is the flower for you if your space needs a hit of positive energy as well as a striking focal point. Their gorgeous star-shaped flowers vary in colour and commonly come in shades of bright white, pale purple and deep burgundy.

We recommended displaying them in cool kitchens and dining rooms. Pineapple lilies are sensitive to the chemical ethylene, so they stay happiest when kept away from ripening fruit and cigarette smoke. Note: Replace vase water daily but do not use flower food, as this will accelerate their ageing process.

home staging fresh flower pineapple lily

4. Parrot tulip.

This elegant, powerful and frilly member of the tulip family is available in a rainbow of fabulous spring hues. Look out for stunning ruffled two-tone petals of red, orange, pink, purple, burgundy and classic white. A symbol of attraction and love place the romantic parrot tulip in your entryway and bedrooms for welcoming wow-factor.

These guys also do not like flower food, so best to replace their water every two days. Parrot tulips guzzle water, so you may need to top up their water daily to avoid wilting.

best flowers home staging parrot tulip

5. Anthurium (aka laceleaf or flamingo flower).

The exotic anthuriums heart-shaped appearance makes it an exciting and unique choice for your homes spring flower arrangements. Thriving best in a cool and humid environment, a bathroom is a great spot to place anthuriums.

To keep your anthurium looking lovely mist it every two days and replace vase water every day, keeping the vase water at a shallow level for best results.

best flowers home staging flamingo flower

6. Sunflower.

Undoubtedly the most cheerful and confident bloom in the flower world, add sunflowers to your dining room, kitchen or sunroom to instantaneously bring a positive and joyful personality to the space.

Strip any leaves from the lower half of the stem before placing your flowers in water. The leaves die before the flowers, so this will keep your sunflowers looking happy for longer. Flower food is essential to maintain your sunflowers sunny disposition, and they prefer a cooler setting.

best flowers staging sunflowers

7. Calla Lily.

You’re probably familiar with traditional and elegant calla lilies with their white trumpet-shaped petals and yellow pistil, but they do come in a range of vibrant shades including pink, red, purple and yellow. So, they’re perfect for injecting some sophistication and heavenly colour into your formal dining and living rooms this spring.

To keep these guys looking good place in cold water with a drop or two of bleach per two litres of water. Change the water daily to prolong their vase life.

best flowers home staging calla lily

Flower care tips:

  • Cut flowers are sensitive to the chlorine in tap water. Use filtered water (or cooled day-old water from your kettle or rainwater) instead of tap water to keep your cut flowers fresh for longer.
  • Avoid using air conditioning when you have flowers as it accelerates the ageing process by dehydrating the blooms, and nobody wants droopy flowers after just a couple of days.
  • Always ensure you start out with a crystal clean vase, remove any dead leaves from the water and regularly change the water or whenever it starts to get cloudy to extend floral freshness.
  • Invest in some flower food sachets to prolong the shelf life of your fresh flowers, and so you don’t have to change your water as frequently. Just double-check that your flower benefits from flower food otherwise it may have a detrimental effect and even speed up ageing. E.g. Dahlias, bird of paradise, arthurium and sunflowers are all flower food compatible.
  • Have fun with it! During spring you’ll have so many fabulous and colourful fresh flowers to choose from at your local florist. Try mixing and matching different types of flowers in your arrangements and add textural elements like branches, pebbles, gum leaves, and palm leaves for extra interest.

We hope this guide to the best cut flowers for home styling has inspired you to branch out and dare to be different this spring.

We’re sure potential buyers and renters will be blown away by the extra effort and care you put into selecting, maintaining and placing fresh flowers throughout your home for your next open for inspection.

Best of luck blossoms!

Mercedes Sarmini
Mercedes Sarmini is a florist, a regular contributor to radio, presenter at flower shows (Melbourne International Garden Show, Floriade, Bunnings Warehouse and Flower Power Nurseries) and has trained thousands of people in the art of floral arrangement. Head to Mercedes’ website Floral Gossip for lots more cut flowers knowledge and inspo.

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